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25 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

Teenagers can be very picky! You never know if you’re getting them what they want or if they’re going to hate the great gifts you give them.

Not all teenagers are the same though and like every other age, they are all interested in different things.

There are many different stocking stuffers that could be a great idea for teen girls and teen boys though.

If you're looking for some great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Children in your Life, check out my Post 50 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Children.

The adults you are buying for can also use some great stocking stuffers, so head over here to see 25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults.

We have come up with some of the most useful and fun stocking stuffers for Christmas stockings that do not break the bank. When you are buying stocking stuffers for teenagers, you can get creative. I’ve found myself in the toy aisle purchasing stocking stuffers for teens and young adults.

I wanted to share some great stocking stuffer ideas for the teens on your list so you can come up with the best gifts to add to your holiday gift guide.

Whether you need a stocking stuffer for a preteen or a new college student, you can find some practical gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

You could even find a fun way to make many of these stocking stuffer gift ideas into personalized gifts for your teen’s Christmas stocking.

Check out my list of 25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens so everyone has the perfect stocking stuffer on Christmas morning.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

Here I have compiled our 25 favorite stocking stuffer Ideas so the teens in your family get the perfect gift this year.

1. Lip Balm

If you live in cold areas, chapped lips are inevitable. Lip Balm are small and will fit perfectly in a stocking. You can even grab lip balm with natural ingredients and that contain Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, or even cocoa butter. Any brand would be a great choice to add to your holiday shopping list. Lip gloss is also a good choice if your recipient loves to wear lip gloss.

2. Sneaker Balls

This is perfect for those stinky teenagers in your house. These small shoe deodorizer balls will remove the smell from shoes, gym bags, and lockers. Twist to activate when you need to get rid of the smell and turn again to close to save for another time. The fresh scent can last up to six months before needing to be replaced. They even come in cute designs so you can customize the sneaker balls for the teenager you’re buying them for.

3. Spiral Hair Ties

During my teen years, I went through so many hair ties because of dance, sports, and regular use. I had to double up on hair ties since one could not hold my hair up for practices. These spiral hair ties would have come in handy as a teenager during those long rehearsals and practices. These hair ties prevent tangling and damaging hair, while eliminating the pressure on your hairline. It’s also great if you have to wear your hair down after using them since they do not leave the ponytail bump after you let your hair down.

4. Portable Charger

My cell phone can die fast, even if I'm not using it. I try to close out the apps in the background, but it doesn't always help the battery much, especially if you make a lot of phone calls. These portable chargers can fit in anyone's pocket or purse to get their phone charged back up. Not many people like to be without their phone when it dies, especially teenagers, so these awesome portable charters can offer a little help when you need it most.

5. Hairbrush

Teenagers can be focused on their hair, which could mean needing more hair care products than most. After a while, hairbrushes and combs can get disgusting and start to fall apart. By getting your teenager a new hairbrush, you’re helping them keep up with proper hygiene, but also giving them something they could really use. This also works for combs if your teen prefers to comb their hair.

6. Candle

Depending on the smell, candles can help relax you and get rid of foul odors lingering in the house. I like to light candles for each season in my kitchen to get into the holiday spirit and keep my house smelling fresh. Candles are a popular holiday gift and can fit nicely inside most stockings. If you are not comfortable with your teenager lighting candles in the house, you could also look to buy them diffusers, plug-ins, or wax-melts. I received a wax-melt one year and I leave it plugged in so I can switch it on any time I want to use it. You can pull out the old wax and replace it with new wax scents.

7. Headphones / Ear Buds

As a teenager, I would put ear buds in any chance I could because I didn’t want to listen to my parent’s music, or I just wanted to tune everything out. I don’t think times have changed too much and many teenagers love to wear headphones or ear buds all the time. There are corded headphones and cordless headphones you could get for your child depending on budget and what they’re interested in. No matter what style you go with, they would fit great in the stocking.

8. Hand Sanitizer

A useful thing to add to the Christmas list as a stocking stuffer is hand sanitizer. You can get a different scent for each person you are getting them for. I get very dry winter skin and using hand sanitizer constantly can make it worse. Amazon carries hand sanitizers and other products that you will love. They are small enough to toss in your purse and someone's stocking.

9. Fuzzy Socks

During the winter, I basically live in warm fuzzy socks, and I have since I was a teenager. I have a giant selection and find myself tossing socks whenever they start to get worn down. You could buy a pack of cozy socks and give one pair to each family member. A few years back, all the dance teachers did a fun socks exchange at my dance studio and we each got a new pair of cute socks to wear home. There are so many great options with socks and is among the useful gifts many people would love.

10. Pack of Gum / Mints

Large variety packs or plastic containers of gum can make some of the best stocking stuffers for teens. I like to wrap my stocking stuffers, but everyone can always guess when I get them packs of gum. They are small and can get thrown in a purse, car, sports bag, or locker. Another option besides a pack of gum is mints. You can find many flavor options of mints. I prefer peppermint flavor, but you can find many others that suit your needs. Hopefully your teen doesn’t think you’re telling them their breath stinks.

11. Gift Card

A little treat that would make teenager excited is a gift card to their favorite store. The sky is the limit when purchasing gift cards because you know they can use it to purchase their favorite things. I personally love getting Amazon gift cards or gift cards to my favorite restaurants so I can go on dates with my husband to use them. Head on down to their absolute favorite place to shop or eat and grab gift cards to add to their stocking. Many teens would prefer to go shopping to pick out their own things than have their parent pick it out for them.

12. Christmas Tree Ornament

Why not buy your teenagers ornaments for Christmas. There are so many options to choose from that you're bound to find the perfect ornament for everyone on your stocking stuffer list. Every year, I special order a personalized family Christmas tree ornament for that year. I try to include special events that occurred that year so I can look back and remember the year. There are some great ideas for personalized tree ornaments that make good stocking stuffers. It may include doing some research, but you can find some great ornaments. It could also be a great collection to start up so when your teenager eventually moves out, they will have a nice ornament collection.

13. Touchscreen Gloves

What teenager wants to stop to take their gloves off to be able to text. They would never keep their gloves on while outside. Touchscreen gloves eliminate the problem by allowing the wearers to continuing to use their touchscreen phone while wearing them. These are not just great for phones either, but all touchscreens. The gloves can keep their hands warm while also being completely multifunctional.

14. Body Butter

Body butter is great for moisturizing when you have sensitive and dry skin. You could get a body butter that contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to avoid the greasy lotion feeling. Body butter can leave hands feeling silky and smooth. Your teen will want to use this lotion for the hydration and the amazing smell.

15. Toothbrushes

This may seem like a boring gift, but everyone can use a new toothbrush. You should be changing your toothbrush out a minimum every 3 months, so you can never have enough spare toothbrushes in the cabinet in your house. Your teenagers will be happy to have new toothbrushes because they will not have to go buy them. You can even pick up some Steri-Pods to go with the toothbrushes. If you have any college students you are buying stocking stuffers for, toothbrushes are a great way to get them necessities for their dorm.

16. Reusable Water Bottles

If your teen is in a lot of sports and activities and needs to bring water everywhere they go, a reusable water bottle would be an awesome stocking stuffer gift idea. I prefer stainless steel travel mugs to use because they are easy to clean and can keep your drinks cold or hot for hours. Other options also include reusable silicone travel mugs or plastic BPA-free bottles. I would recommend getting a water bottle that locks closed so it does not leak in their bags.

17. Stress Balls

As a teenager and in college, I found myself using stress balls when I had anxiety. Studying for exams and dealing with a terrible roommate, who thankfully I was only stuck with for one year, just added to that stress. Stress balls are great for a teen who has a lot on their plate and may need something to help calm them down. Their hormones can be all over the place so they may need something to focus their energy on for a little bit each day. I bet the teens in your life would appreciate a stress ball in their stocking. You can find some cute stress balls in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, so there's one for everyone.

18. Bluetooth Beanie

If your teen likes beanies and headphones, they are in luck with this Bluetooth beanie. They can listen to their favorite music or podcasts without needing to wear headphones in their ears. With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, they can continue listening for up to 10 hours of battery life. They can even answer the phone with their new beanie. Your teen will want to sleep in their new hat at night.

19. Car Emergency Tool

If you have a new driver, this could be a great stocking stuffer to give them for their car. Accidents can happen and you would never want your teen or loved ones trapped in a car during an emergency. This 2-in-1 car safety hammer has a seatbelt cutter on one end to free yourself from the seatbelt and the other end is a window breaker to break the glass windows to free yourself from the vehicle. This tool could give yourself some piece of mind knowing your teen has a way out in case of an emergency.

20. Chocolate

You can't go wrong with luxury gifts, such as chocolate. There is a chocolate flavor for almost everyone on your stocking stuffer list. You could go with a simple chocolate bar or get into fancier chocolates. Many specialty candy shops carry 68% cocoa or higher quality chocolates to get wrapped up for a stocking stuffer. If you are not interested in the typical grocery store chocolates, you could look at getting truffles, fudge, chocolate pralines, or other higher quality chocolates. There are also plastic candy canes filled with different types of chocolates that fit great in stockings.

21. Tile Mate

If your teen loses their belongings a lot, a Tile Mate may be the best options for their stocking stuffer. They simply attach the Tile to the object they lose a lot like a remote control, keys, headphone case, and more. You would use the Tile app to ring the Tile when you have misplaced the object. When the Tile is in Bluetooth range, it will make a sound so you can find it. Be sure to keep fully charged batteries in the Tile, so you are able to find the object you are looking for when you need to.

22. Scarf

If you are looking to purchase a scarf for your teen for the cold weather or just as an accessory, there are many options to choose from. I love scarves and I have a very large collection in my closet. Scarves are not just accessories for women but are very useful in the bitter winter days. You can find thin fashion scarves, but you can also find thick scarves that can keep everyone warm. Just roll up a scarf, tie a cute bow around it, and use it as an awesome stocking stuffer.

23. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories, especially when it is bright outside. You will almost always find me in sunglasses outside and this started when I was a teenager. There are so many stylish sunglasses to choose from and you could find a pair for just about everyone. If you know what style your teenager would like or you just want to replace the worn out pair they already own, you could grab a new pair of sunglasses for their stocking this Christmas.

24. Reusable Straws

With the banning of plastic bags and reduction in plastics being used all over the world, straws could be coming up soon on the chopping block. That's why giving out reusable straws for Christmas is a great idea. There are many different styles and materials to choose from. They are not expensive and can be reused for a long time. My personal favorite are reusable silicone straws because they can be easily cleaned with a straw cleaner and will not hurt your teeth. There are also stainless steel, glass, and Tritan plastic straws. The bonus is most packages of reusable straws come with a cleaning brush to make cleaning easy. If your teen likes to order drinks in the drive thru, they could have their own straws to use.

25. Magnetic Car Phone Mount

No one wants their teenager looking at their phone while driving because they received a text message, or they are trying to change their music. Make sure they can hook their phone up to the car’s Bluetooth and get them a magnetic car phone mount to prevent them from touching their phone while driving. There are many different types of car phone mounts to choose from so make sure to pick one that will work best with the car your teen will be driving.

There are many more fun stocking stuffer ideas I found that I thought I would include as honorable mentions.

• Phone Protective Case

• Favorite Photo in a frame

• Stuffed Animal

• Lotion / Hand Cream

• Card Games

• Jade Roller

• Video Game

• Favorite Movies

• Favorite Snacks

• Charging Case

• Sensory Toys

• Claw Clips

• Book Light

There you have it, a large list of stocking stuffers to give to the teenagers in your life. There are still so many more stocking stuffer ideas for those teenage girls and teenage boys you need to buy for.

Some of the best stocking stuffers are gifts that come from the heart or are something that will be useful to the recipient.

Small gifts can be some of the best gifts you give out and you can put a lot of thought into each gift to make them special for the person you’re giving it to. You can look to personalize almost every item on the list above to make it the perfect gift.

Are you looking for even more Christmas gift ideas for the special man or woman in your life this holiday season?

Check out my posts 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him and 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her to get everything you need on your Christmas list.

What stocking stuffers do you like to get for your teenagers?

Did we miss a great stocking stuffer idea for teens that we should add to the list?

Tell us about your stocking stuffers in the comments below!

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