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Convos with my Children

Kids sure say the craziest things!

I decided to document every time my daughter says something funny!

Feel free to follow to see what crazy things she comes up with!

Happy Children

Daughter: "Can I have chocolate milk?"

Dad: "In a minute honey, daddy doesn't feel well."

Daughter: "What's wrong?"

Dad: "I have a tummyache."

Daughter: "It's ok, you can walk slowly to get my chocolate milk!"

Daughter: "Mommy, you hear that? You hear my tummy? It's making noise cause I'm sooooo hungry."

Me: "Today's Mother's Day!"

Daughter: Yeah, today is your day... to make me pancakes!"


Mom: ::Cutting up her banana::  "Could you please throw away the banana peel for me?"

Daughter:  ::Takes it between two fingers::  "Eww, gross!"

::Daughter proceeds to eat her banana with a fork::

Daughter: "Mom, can I have my water?"

Mom: "It's right there on the table"

Daughter: "Could you get it?"

Mom: "You can get it"

Daughter: ::gets up to get it:: "It's not easy being a princess"



Daughter: "Look at my butt poking out"

::Spanks her butt::

Mom: ::finished blow drying hair:: "How's my hair look?"

Daughter: "It's so beautiful!  You're not stinky anymore!"

Mom: "Thanks!"

::Son spit up on daughter::

Daughter: "There's something wet!"

Mom: "Where? On your shirt?"

Daughter: "Yup on my shirt! That's what babies do; eat sleep, eat poop, eat cry! Yup"

::Son spit up on daughter::

"Daughter: "Ahhhhhh, he puked on me!"

::Sticks her foot in the air::

"Wanna smell it?"

Mom: "If you sit on the couch and be really quiet while mommy showers, you can have 2 cookies!"

Daughter: "Pinky promise?"  ::sticks out her pinky::

Mom: "Pinky promise"  ::Do the pinky promise kiss::

::Daughter cleaning up her toys::

"My arm is so tired from cleaning up my mess!"

Mom: "Daughter, you're so gorgeous!"

Daughter: "Who, me?"

Mom: "Yeah"

Daughter: "Oh, stop it"

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