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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

You’ve finished shopping for the kids, but you still need to shop for your wife, mother, mother-in-law, sister, or another woman in your life. The adults in your life just never seem to give you any ideas at all. I always hear the excuse, “don’t buy us anything, we just want to spend time with you and the kids.” So now, you’re stuck trying to figure out a great idea for them that isn’t lame.

I know I do not want to buy another candle or body wash that the recipient is never going to use because they don’t like the scent.

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I still need to run out and grab stocking stuffers as well. If you are looking for stocking stuffers, check out my post 25 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults. I have many different ideas for all the adults in your life.

It’s so hard to think of unique ideas when you are not given any hints or ideas. The important women in my life work so hard so I want to give them awesome gifts every Christmas.

I have compiled a list of 20 gift ideas for her to make your holiday shopping easier this holiday season.

Do you have any crafters in the family? The Cricut Maker is a great gift for the DIYers in your life who love to make gifts for others.

Just like FitBit, the Apple Watch is a great way to keep track of your health, but it allows you to respond back to texts and answer phone calls on it as well.

A nice pair of earrings is a wonderful gift for the important women in your life.

4. Keurig

If you’re shopping for a woman like me who is always running late in the morning and who does not have time to stop for coffee, owning my own coffee machine really helps get my morning off to a better start. The Keurig is for single servings, so you’re not forced to brew a full pot as well.

5. Sherpa

Oversized sweaters are in style right now and these comfy Sherpa’s are sure to be the perfect gift for her.

Ankle boots are great shoe to wear to work or just as an everyday comfortable shoe.

There are so many tumblers to choose from, but these are great for your hot and cold drinks.

Most of my mom friends love to lounge around in their bathrobes after a long day. You would not go wrong with a super comfortable bathrobe.

While smartphones have amazing cameras and you can see the pictures instantly, being able to print a picture immediately is fun and nostalgic.

These beauty products are a great addition to your skincare routine.

The woman in your life prefers cold brew instead of hot coffee. This Cold Brew machine is the perfect gift.

If you live somewhere cold, you can’t go wrong with this super warm chunky blanket to snuggle up with on cold nights.

Pockets are so hard to come by in women’s clothes and it is so exciting when you come across pants with pockets. These leggings are very comfortable, and they have pockets.

Wallets wear down so quickly so a new wallet by Coach can be a great gift for her.

15. Kindle

Does she love to lay down with a book at night before bed after the kids are asleep? A Kindle is a great way to buy as many books as she wants and the front light helps her read at any time.

My husband and I always get so excited when we get a date night, but then we can’t think of anything to do. Gift this 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster to make the date more interesting.

How many moms have to reheat their coffee in the microwave multiple times before they get to drink it? This Temperature Control Mug will keep your coffee warm for hours.

These slippers would go great with a new bathrobe. They will keep her feet warm and keep her feet comfy.

Has she mentioned how she wants to know more about her family history? Ancestry DNA Kit can give her information on her heritage and connect her with relatives.

20. Hammock

Make sure to buy her a good book and a blanket for this present. Get her the best gift to lay back and relax.

There are many more ideas out there for the women in your life. I would love to hear of the great gifts you purchased.

What gift ideas have you purchased for her?

Comment below!

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