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Egg-cellent Easter Egg Filler Ideas for Kids

There are so many Easter traditions for families to celebrate, whether it’s getting a visit from the Easter bunny or enjoying the joyful end to the Lenten season.

I know some families who hide the Easter basket and others that go to Easter mass and have a big Easter feast. Many families do both.

No matter what you do, your kids will love and appreciate the thought that went into planning Easter.

Every year when the Easter Bunny visits, they hide eggs all around our house for the kids to find and fill the Easter baskets with presents.

Our children love waking up in the morning to their Easter baskets filled with toys and snacks and plastic Easter eggs all around the house.

Why not add more fun to the Easter Egg Hunt tradition and add small toys and treats to the Easter eggs for the younger and older kids.

Check out what small fun Easter egg fillers you can surprise your children with and where to purchase them.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

Hiding Easter Eggs:

There’s some debate on who should hide the Easter eggs and what eggs to hide.

In our house, the Easter bunny hides the Easter eggs. The night before Easter, we set out their empty Easter baskets and 2 buckets full of plastic Easter eggs. On Easter morning, the Easter baskets are filled with new toys and the plastic eggs are hidden around the house. Our little kids are so excited to have this tradition to look forward to.

As I said, we also hide plastic Easter eggs. We decided against hiding real hard-boiled eggs. If for some reason we couldn’t find an egg, we would have an egg rotting in our house somewhere. We also set the eggs out for the Easter bunny to find, and we wouldn’t want to leave cooked eggs out all night.

If you decide to go with plastic Easter eggs, you could also fill them with treats. There are so many options when finding items small enough for the Easter eggs. It can be so fun picking out items for your Easter eggs and filling them. Another great idea is to purchase larger eggs so you can fit bigger items in the Easter eggs. There are so many great Easter egg filler ideas that small and big kids will enjoy.

What to Put in the Eggs:

1. Money

What kid doesn’t like money? You could use rolled up dollar bills or fill the eggs with assorted change. If you need change, you can withdraw rolled coin from the bank. Your child could collect all the money they find in the eggs to buy something they really want. It’s also a great way to teach your children the value of money.

2. Candy

Sweet treats can make a great filler for Easter eggs. You can find a variety of candy to use. There are candy options for those who want sugar free to prevent sugar overload or those who have food allergies. There is an option of candy for everyone including but not limited to jelly beans, fruit snacks, gummy bears, and mini lollipops.

3. Chocolate

I put chocolate in a different category than candy because you may have a child who loves chocolate but may not like regular candy. My kids love Hershey kisses, and they are small enough to make the perfect Easter egg filler. You could also use M&M's, Reece's Pieces, fun sized chocolate bars, and more.

4. Hot Wheels / Matchbox Cars

Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars are so much fun, and many kids collect them. My son has a large bin filled with his car collection. New Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars could be a great option for the Easter eggs. You could put cars in a few eggs or put them in all the eggs if your kid loves this classic toy.

5. Notes with Activities to Do

If you are not looking to clutter your house with more stuff or give your children sugar, you could put notes or homemade coupons in the Easter eggs. Plan different fun activities you could do with your kids any time of the year. This could include the museum, playground, library, ice skating, bowling, trampoline park, and more. Put these activities on each slip. Every time your child finds a slip, set it aside. After they have found all the slips, add them into a jar. On days you are spending time as a family, let your child pull a slip from the jar. The slip they choose will be the activity you do that day. You could even let them pick more than one slip in a day.

6. School Supplies & Crafts

If your child loves school or doing crafts around the house, small school supplies could be fun to add to their Easter eggs. There are so many adorable school supplies including erasers, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, crayons, mini-colored pencils, stamps, stickers, Washi tape, and more.

7. Bouncy Balls

At STEM night at school, my daughter learned how to make her very own bouncy ball. She made another one with her grandma this weekend. Knowing how something is made really helps my daughter to appreciate those things more. Adding a few bouncy balls in different colors to her Easter eggs would be a great gift for her and most kids would have so much fun with them.

Warning: If you have small children in your home, I would not suggest adding any small balls that could be a choking hazard to the Easter Eggs.

8. Figurines and Finger Puppets

Many of your child’s favorite shows and books have toys and games created based on the characters. One of my all-time favorite items are figurines of the characters. My own kids have collected a vast majority of the characters they love, so I’m always looking for more. These small characters would fit nicely in larger Easter eggs. If your child is younger, you could add finger puppets to your toddler's Easter eggs instead.

9. Jewelry

Depending on the age of your child, some new jewelry could make the perfect Easter egg filler. Whether your child likes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or something else, these items would fit so nicely in the eggs. Younger kids could also appreciate some new jewelry in their Easter eggs if you want to add costume jewelry or friendship bracelets for them.

10. Temporary Tattoos and Stickers

Some other great ideas of items that would fit perfect as Easter egg stuffers are temporary tattoos and stickers. These small objects are enjoyed by so many kids and can come in different sizes to fit in the Easter eggs you have. My children have so many stickers and I'm always buying them more after I have thrown away some of the older ones that are no longer sticky. Stickers and temporary tattoos are also great if you do not want more small items floating around your house.

11. Makeup and Hair Accessories

My daughter loves when I do her hair and makeup and give her all sorts of adorable hair styles. If you have a little girl, or boy, who loves to style their hair and wear makeup, some great Easter egg fillers could be hair ties, hair clips, hair bows, nail polish, lip gloss, and any other items you can get in small sizes.

12. Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

This fun game could be done using a jigsaw puzzle you already own or a puzzle you could make with your own picture.

You would start by filling the Easter eggs with all the assorted puzzle pieces. As your children find the pieces, they must try to put the puzzle together. If you go with a larger puzzle, you could add more than one piece to each egg. At the end of the Easter Egg Hunt, your children will have also assembled a new puzzle.

Be sure to check the size of the puzzle pieces before purchasing to verify the puzzle pieces will fit in your Easter eggs.

Setting up Easter Egg Hunts can be such a fun activity to do as a family.

Easter Egg Hunts can be set up inside or outside when the weather is nice. You could even do a large Easter Egg Hunt and invite family and friends to come join the festivities.

While you don’t have to fill the eggs with items, it’s so cool for your kids to find.

Just make sure to use items that are not a choking hazard if you have a child who likes to put things in their mouth.

Easter Egg Hunts can be a great activity for kids of all ages and can be a tradition enjoyed by the whole family.

Do you set up Easter Egg Hunts for your children?

What do you put in your Easter eggs?

We would love to know in the comments below!

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