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Easter Bunny Lollipops Craft

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Easter is on the way and some schools are throwing fun Easter parties. It’s so much fun for the kids and gives them a reason to celebrate.

My daughter loves crafts, so we decided to make something to give to her classmates at school during her Easter party.

She wanted to give them a treat and we thought bunnies would be perfect for Easter.

These adorable little Easter Bunny Lollipops are a great small gift that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

So we gathered up the supplies and went to work making our Easter Bunny Lollipops.

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Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Lollipops

I went with Dum Dums because I thought they were the perfect size for the bunny bodies. You could use Tootsie pops as well.

I recommend staying away from flat lollipops as they won’t be able to stand upright very well.

You can grab a bag of these Dum Dums right from Amazon Here.

2. Cotton Balls

Soft cotton balls can be used for the bunny head. I used smaller cotton balls so they would be about the same size as the bunny body.

I recommend regular cotton balls and not craft cotton balls because you cannot push a lollipop stick through craft cotton balls.

3. Chenille Stems

Otherwise known as pipe cleaners, these will be used for the bunny ears. You can use any colors you want for these. My daughter used a few different colors.

There are great options for Chenille Stems, but you can grab some Colorful Chenille Stems off Amazon Here.

4. Card stock

I used white card stock to match the bunnies white cotton ball body, but you could use any color you want. You could get creative and match the card stock to the color of the chenille stem bunny ears.

Grab a package of Card Stock Here from Amazon.

5. Markers

I originally had the idea to glue Googly Eyes or gems to the cotton balls for the bunny eyes. If you are giving these to adults or older children, you could definitely do that.

My 4 (almost 5) year old daughter told me we should draw the eyes on instead because she did not want anyone to eat the eyes. She did hear me say to keep the gems away from her almost 2 year old brother so he would not eat them.

I liked her suggestion.

If you would prefer to draw the eyes on, I used These Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers from Amazon.

6. Mini Cotton Balls

You can use mini cotton balls for the tail or cut your larger cotton balls. Both will work just fine.

7. Ribbon

I have such a large collection of ribbon, so we had a hard time finding the perfect ribbon to use. We liked the party ribbon the best because it held its shape.

If you are looking to use party ribbon, you can find the exact Ribbon I used Here on Amazon.

8. Scissors

I find it impossible to do a craft without my crafting scissors. You will need them to cut your card stock, ribbon, and cotton balls if you don’t have mini ones.

9. Craft Glue

You will need a stronger non-toxic glue for this craft. Glue sticks will be be too weak and hot glue can melt your lollipop wrappers. It is important to make sure the glue is non-toxic since it will be near food.

How to make Bunny Lollipops:

1. Gather your supplies. I hate getting up while I’m working on a craft, especially with my kids, because they will lose interest if they’re not busy. I try to gather up all my supplies and have them on the table before I begin.

2. Push the lollipop stem through the middle of the cotton ball. Be careful not to rip the cotton ball apart.

3. Use your scissors to cut feet out of the card stock. Make one large piece by giving the feet a slight heart shape, but with a rounded bottom.

4. Glue the card stock feet to the top of your lollipop and allow it time to dry. Your lollipop will be sitting on the table with the stick pointing up.

5. Cut out a mini circle from your cotton balls or use mini cotton balls. Glue the mini cotton balls to the back if your lollipop, closest to the feet. This will be your bunny tail.

Note: If you want, you could also glue mini cotton balls on the side for arms.

6. Bend your chenille stem into a “M” shape. The middle if the “M” goes in the front of the lollipop stick and the sides wrap around the back. Bring the sides all the way to the front so they cross over the top of the middle of the “M” and twist tightly. Push any sharp or pointy ends down or trim them with scissors.

7. Use your marker to draw eyes on the front of your bunny on the large cotton ball.

Note: This is also where you could glue on Googly Eyes or Gems instead of drawing them on.

8. Tie a ribbon into a bow over the twisted part of the chenille stem. Trim the edges of the ribbon.

There you have your adorable little Easter Bunny Lollipops.

You can add your own twists or ideas to make them unique.

Comment below if you would like to share ideas you added to your bunnies.

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