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30 Easter Basket Ideas for Children

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Easter is on its way, which means you need to start shopping for gifts to put in your kid’s Easter Basket. Many people like to get useful items or toys instead of candy.

I’ve come up with a list of 30 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers.

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1. Pacifiers

If your baby uses pacifiers, you should be replacing them every few months and boiling regularly. A new pack of pacifiers is great to add to the Easter Basket.

2. Teethers

Teething babies will try to chew on anything they can get their hands on. Different style teethers can help them get that comfort they need without chewing on something they probably shouldn't put in their mouths.

3. Onesies

Babies can always use more onesies. They go through so many from spit ups and blow outs and they grow up so fast. We just moved my son to the next size up... sad.

4. Rattles

A great way to distract your baby is with rattles. They love to shake things and hit things and rattles can help your baby learn and develop.

5. Blocks

It's never too soon to introduce your baby to blocks. Even if they can't quite build a tower yet, it is still a nice skill to start practicing to learn their hand-eye coordination.

6. Stacking Cups

I love having a set of stacking cups in the bathroom for bath time. They are so easy to sanitize because there are no holes and they are fun to play with.

7. Blankets

You can never have too many blankets. We have blankets in every room for our kids and in the car. My son also has his car seat blanket. We just toss them in the wash and grab a clean one.

8. Snacks

One of the first foods my babies had to pick up and put in their mouths was Puffs. They melt in the mouth so the fear of choking is reduced slightly, although it is still there so you still need to watch your babies while they eat snacks. Yogurt Melts, Crunchies, and Rice Teethers also make great choices.

9. Headbands

I loved putting headbands on my daughter when she was little and did not have much hair. I always had cute headbands to go with her outfits.

10. Socks

Baby feet grow quickly and the dryer loves to eat socks, so buying more little baby socks is a great addition to your baby's basket.


1. Outfits

You could add your toddler's Easter outfit to their basket, or just buy them a cute shirt that they can wear later. I always add an article of clothing to their Easter Baskets.

2. Bubbles

I haven't met a child that hates bubbles (although I'm sure they do exist). A bottle of bubbles is great to put in the basket and once the bottle is empty, you can toss the bottle and reduce the number of toys in your house.

3. Chalk

My daughter has a chalk board in our house so she loves to receive chalk as a gift. You can also let your kid draw all over the sidewalk on nice days.

4. Hair Clips

As my daughter has grown, we have switched from the headband to the hair clip. I love adding a cute hair bow clip to her pony tail or pig tails to match with her outfits.

5. Hairbrush/Comb

Depending on your child's hair style, you could get them a nice new hairbrush or comb. My daughter's hair brushes out best with a wet brush, but you could grab any brush or comb you think would work the best.

6. Trucks

Both my daughter and my son love to play with trucks. There are so many options to choose from. Just be careful with small pieces if your child likes to put toys in their mouth.

7. Bath Toys

Bath toys can get moldy if you do not clean them properly, but some can stay dirty no matter how much you clean them. You could add some new bath toys to the basket to replace some older bath toys.

8. Sippy Cups

The stage between bottle and cup is difficult because you want your child to sit and hold a regular cup, but you do not want water or milk spilled all over your floor. I own multiple Munchkin Miracle 360 cups, but you could grab the style your child likes the best.

9. Training Underwear

Looking to Potty train soon or you already are? Grab a package or two of training underwear to help with the process. They do not hold in pee, but they are thicker to help hold in a little more than regular underwear.

10. Board Books

My kids have always loved board books and I find them all over my house. They are small enough to fit in little hands and the cardboard is more difficult to destroy, although they can still get ruined.


1. Outfits

Again, I love to purchase outfits for the Easter Basket because it makes a great addition. This year I decided to go with cute shirts, but you could get full outfits too.

2. Barbies

My daughter is currently collecting all of the Disney Princess Barbies so I have purchased a large box that has 12 different princesses in it. We decided to hide the box and give her a Barbie or 2 at a time. I saved money and I was able to get most of the princesses. You could get regular Barbies as well. Interested in buying the large Disney Princess collection, check out the one I purchased Here!

3. Race Cars

We recently purchased a race track and my kids love sending their cars around the track. You can never have too many Race Cars to play with.

4. Dress Up Clothes

Whether your child wants to be a Disney Princess or a Superhero, there is an outfit for everyone. Dress up clothes are a lot of fun and you could add to the collection.

5. Play Doh

I originally hated Play Doh, but if my kids play with it at the table, it doesn't make much of a mess. You can get a bunch of different colors for a reasonable price.

6. Puzzles

There are so many options of puzzles to choose from. You could get wooden puzzles or small puzzle pieces. Choose the puzzles that would work best for your child.

7. Stickers

Stickers are a fan favorite in our household. I have to check clothes over before throwing them in the washing machine because I will find stickers all over. Thankfully, they can be tossed in the garbage once your kids are done playing with them.

8. Animal/Character Figurines

My daughter's Figurine collection has grown so big that she has a special bin to store them all in. We still like to add to her collection though because she loves to play with them all the time. They are great to play with and kids can use their imagination.

9. Coloring Books

Coloring books are such a simple and easy item to add to your child's Easter basket. It's a great activity if you are looking for something quiet to keep your child busy for a few minutes.

10. Crayons

Don't forget to add Crayons to their basket if you added coloring books. I found these great egg crayons that are a lot of fun to color with too.

There you have it! My 30 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers. I try to grab all of these items to add to my children's Easter Baskets every year.

What other items do you like to add to your children's Easter Baskets?

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