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Halloween Monster Craft

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is our weekly activity. Each week, we try to do a craft, science experiment, or a fun project together.

For Halloween, we decided to do a Monster Craft. This is one of my favorite crafts to do with my daughter because it gives her a chance to practice coloring with markers, cutting with scissors, and using glue. These have been some of the skills she has been working on in preschool.

Select your favorite washable markers and get coloring.

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First step is to gather up your supplies.

Supplies you will need:

- Coffee filters: These will be the body of the monster and the part of the monster you will be coloring. My husband makes coffee at home and uses Melitta Junior Basket Coffee Filters that I purchase off of Amazon for him. I grabbed a few of his coffee filters and they worked out great.

- Washable Markers: Select any colors you would like to use for your monster. My daughter wanted to use all the colors. Pick up a box of these awesome Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers off of Amazon. They worked perfect for our monster.

- Spray Bottle: Fill a spray bottle with water to spray the body of the monster.

- Cookie Sheet: This will be your work surface to place your coffee filters on, so you don’t get the marker on the table.

- Construction paper: Pick any color construction paper to use for the arms and legs. If you need to pick up a packet of construction, Crayola Construction Paper on Amazon is a nice paper.

- Scissors: To give your monster a silly body and to cut out the arms and legs.

- Glue: After the coffee filters are dry, you will need to attach the arms and legs.

- Permanent Marker: The last step will be to draw on your monster’s face after everything is dry.


1. Begin the project by placing two coffee filters on top of each other on the cookie sheet. This will give the monster a 3D effect.

2. Get creative! Color the top coffee filter with the washable markers in any way you would like. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your monster. My daughter used every marker in the box to decorate her monster.

3. Grab your spray bottle and begin spraying your coffee filters until they are fully saturated in water. Spray in different directions to move the markers into cool designs.

4. Allow the coffee filters to fully dry overnight.

5. Once the coffee filters are completely dry, glue the 2 coffee filters together, so that there is a double layer. Only glue in the center of the coffee filters to make it easier to cut the outside.

6. Use your scissors to cut around the outside to give the coffee filters a fan look. You can make your cuts as thin or as thick as you would like. Only cut around the folded area.

7. Cut out 4 long, thin pieces of construction paper for the arms and legs.

8. Fold the construction paper back and forth like an accordion to give the arms and legs a fun look. You will want to keep a small end for each piece unfolded for the area you will be gluing.

9. Glue the arms and legs onto the backside of the coffee filters. Place 2 of the construction pieces on each side of the body for the arms and 2 of the construction pieces at the bottom for the legs.

10. Using your permanent marker, draw on a silly face.

There you have it! A fun silly monster craft to do at home with your children for Halloween. There are so many ways to decorate your monster by adding stickers or googly eyes as well.

Have you tried this craft?

Show us your monsters in the comments below!

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