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Best Swimming Safety Equipment for Children

Summer is quickly approaching and so are those long days at the pool.

Swimming is perfect for those hot days to stay cool.

Whether you have a pool in your yard, have friends with pools, or spend time at the local public pool, it’s a great summer activity for the whole family.

Along with swimming come some safety tips to keep your children safe.

There are many items you can purchase to make your pool day safer for your family.

Check out our list of items for a safe and enjoyable day at the pool.

1. Sunscreen

Protect yourself and your children from the harmful sun rays. The sun can burn much worse if you are near large bodies of water. This is why it is so important to continue to apply sunscreen while you’re outside swimming. The water will wash away the sunscreen after some time as well.

2. Floaties or Life Jackets

If you do not have a strong swimmer, floaties or life jackets are important for your kids. Drowning can happen to quickly and without anyone realizing. Someone should always be in the pool with small children, but floaties can help keep them safe and limit the chance of them slipping under.

3. Insulated water bottle to keep water cold

Those hot days can cause you to dehydrate quickly. While swimming can keep you cool, drinking water is still very important. Be sure to have an insulated water bottle to keep your water cold and refreshing all day long.

4. Swim Goggles

If you or your children like to swim underwater, swim goggles can be a great purchase. The chlorine and chemicals can irritate the eyes over time, so a nice pair of swim goggles can keep water out of the eyes.

If your child wears glasses, prescription swim goggles are also a great option.

5. Bright Swimsuits

Going back to water safety, you should always be able to find your child whether they’re in the pool or not. Light color bathing suits or blues will blend right in with the water and outdoors. A great way to find your child is to put them in a bright bathing suit. A yellow swimsuit will stand out to well in the water and help you keep track of them.

6. CPR Certified

If you have children, it’s always a good idea to be CPR Certified. Accidents happen in the pool and first responders cannot always get there quickly. There are CPR courses available to take so you know what to do in case of an emergency.

7. Pool Alarms

It is awesome to have a pool in your backyard. It can be such a relaxing place to spend time with your family. When you’re not using the pool, a pool alarm can be a great item to invest in. The alarm will go off if there is a disturbance in the water. You would know immediately if a child or animal has fallen into the pool.

8. First Aid Kit

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have needed a first aid kit while in a pool. As a child, I was at the local water park. I was swimming and kicked my feet, not realizing there was a partition under the water. I sliced my foot open in the water and needed to wrap my foot at the first aid station to continue swimming. I still have the scar today. Your first aid kit could continue with waterproof bandages, wraps, ice packs, tweezers, pain reliever, burn cream, sting cream, and anything else you find important.

9. Life Ring

You may not think a life ring is important in a private pool, but they can save a life. There should always be an adult near the pool who can swim in case if an emergency, but a life ring can be a quick way to save someone. Just hold onto the rope, step on the rope as an extra precaution, and toss the life ring into the pool to the person who needs assistance. Once the person is holding on tightly to the ring, slowly pull them to the side of the pool, the ladder, or the stairs to get out.

10. Kick boards

Some of you may remember the old kick board you had to use while taking swim lessons as a kid. The kick board would float in the water, and you had to lay on top of it and kick. It helped teach you how to kick your feet to swim and would give you the proper hip position while learning. They are a great option for new swimmers to practice and stay above the water.

Staying safe by the pool is very important.

You want to be sure you have all the necessary items that would help keep your children safe or help them when needed.

You never know what could happen, so it’s good to always be prepared.

Have you found ways to keep your family safe while at the pool?

What items does your family have to stay safe?

Feel free to comment below!

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