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50 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Children

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Picking out stocking stuffers for kids can be easier than finding the best stocking stuffers for adults. There are so many toys and other items to choose from.

My daughter loves pulling the new items out of her stocking and I try to wrap as many of the items as I can to make it even more fun for her. We have started the tradition with our son as well.

I have compiled all of the children's stocking stuffer ideas into one post. I broke it down into ages; babies & toddlers and preschoolers & young children.

Looking for Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Adults in your life, check out my post

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Here are the 50 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Children.

Babies & Toddlers

1. Pacifier

Both of my children have loved their "mimi's." My daughter no longer uses one, but just like my son, she had a preference on which kind she liked best. Since it is recommended to replace pacifiers every 3 months, it's a great idea to buy some new ones and put them in your child's stocking.

2. Teether

A teething baby is a cranky baby and that is not fun. I have tried so many different types of teethers and my baby loves to chew on different ones depending on his mood. Here you will find a few of my favorite teethers that have helped my children.

3. Rattle

The rattle is such a simple toy and they come in many shapes and sizes. Your baby is exploring and the sounds and colors of rattles is interesting and fun. A new rattle for them to pull out of their stocking is the perfect gift.

4. Ball

What child doesn't love to throw a ball across the room. My son will hook his finger around the Oball, shake it really hard, and then watch it go flying across the room when his finger slips off of it. It is actually pretty funny and it keeps him occupied for a few minutes. We have a few different types of balls to occupy our children and I have listed a few of them here.

5. Socks

You can never have too many pairs of socks for your kids. Whether the washing machine ate one of them or they fell off at some point during your trip to the store, you will always need more. The non skid anti slip socks are perfect while your little one is learning to crawl and walk.

6. Book

Children's Books can be very inexpensive and are great for development. We read a book to our children every night. They have their favorites that we must read every night and I have listed them below. Also check out my post Top 10 Favorite Bedtime Stories for even more books to read to your kids. If you want Christmas Books for your Children, you can also visit my post Top 15 Favorite Children's Christmas Books.

7. Headbands

My 3 year old lives in headbands and she has a very large collection. She is typically a different animal, princess, or mythical creature every day and she has a headband to match. These beautiful headbands are perfect for the little girl who loves to dress up.

8. Bath cups

Small, simple, and easy to clean; bath cups are a fun toy for bath time. My daughter has fun using the cups to pour water over her head. Depending on which cups you go with, you could store other bath toys in them as well.

9. Rubber Bath Toy

The Rubber Duck bath toy has developed into more than just a simple yellow rubber duck. There are so many options of rubber bath toys out there. If you do get these rubber bath toys, you should look to replace them every few months because water can get trapped inside and mold. They are still so much fun for kids and you can find them relatively inexpensive.

10. Cloth/Fabric Books

Many of the cloth and fabric baby books crinkle and can be washed. These tiny books are great for a first book and they are very hard to ruin. They are also small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking.

11. Toothbrush

With so many options of toothbrushes out there for kids, the best way to get your kid to brush their teeth is to pick out a toothbrush they love. My daughter loves the character toothbrushes and she asks me multiple times a day to brush her teeth. It also helps that we buy great toothpaste for her, which brings me to...

12. Toothpaste

Just like adults, children will pick the toothpaste flavor they like the best and request that. My daughter's favorite is the Orajel Fluoride-Free Training Toothpaste, but I know kids who love different brands. You just need to see what works best for your child. They could love the toothpaste you get them because they pulled it out of their stocking.

13. WubbaNub

The selection of WubbaNub is extensive. There are many animals for children to choose from. It is much easier for babies to hold onto a stuffed animal than a pacifier, which is why WubbaNub would make a great stocking stuffer for your child.

14. Lovey

The best comfort toy/blanket for children; the lovey. In our house, these mini blankets are called Wubbies and our children each have their own. Our daughter is attached to a grey penguin and our son, a brown lion. They are wonderful to comfort children and are soft and warm to hug. I would highly recommend one for every child.

15. Mittens

It gets really cold here and our children are conditioned at a very young age to wear hats and mittens outside as soon as it gets below 40 degrees F. Christmas is the perfect time to get a pair of mittens because the weather is getting colder. If you get cold weather too, you should definitely consider mittens in their stocking.

16. Hats

One important thing to consider when shopping for hats is to make sure they can cover your child's ears. If you get freezing temperatures and fast winds, this can really hurt your little one's ears. You can wrap up some of these cute hats and fit them in your child's stocking this Christmas.

17. Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets have so many different uses. Both of our kids use them for multiple reasons and we always keep a few of them in each of their rooms. I prefer to use different styles and materials for different uses. The convenient part is they roll up pretty small and can be taken to go!

18. Bibs

We have used all kinds of bibs for our children depending on what they were eating and what we were using the bib for. There are also many different sizes so it never hurts to get more bibs as your child grows.

19. Bath toys

Bath toys make bath time much easier and fun for the kids. They also make great stocking stuffers every year.

20. Snacks

I would prefer not to fill my children's stockings with candy and chocolate, although there is nothing wrong with that. My daughter would prefer Goldfish and cookies and I would definitely agree with her on the cookies. I thought I would recommend some of the best snacks to give your babies and toddlers in their stockings for Christmas.

21. Spoons and/or Forks

Our daughter's first Christmas, she received spoons and the next year, she received forks. They may seem like silly stocking stuffers, but she was excited to feed herself with her new forks when she opened them.

22. Burp Cloths

Used for an assortment of messes, burp cloths are great to keep in the diaper bag to use wherever you are. There are always burp cloths all over my house so I can grab one quickly if I need to. I own so many that they are constantly getting washed. It never hurts to purchase more for your baby's stocking so you never run out.

23. Tub Crayons & Paint

We are always replacing the Tub Crayons and Paint, so they make a great stocking stuffer. I will be honest, I was skeptical at first and I did not want to allow my child to make a mess in my bath tub. After the first time she painted in the tub and I washed the paint away, I found my bathtub looking cleaner than it was before.

24. Sippy Cups

I swear by the Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cups, but we only use them for water. We have a few different types of cups depending on what our children are drinking. Let your child find their favorite sippy cup and gift it as a stocking stuffer.

25. Baby Shampoo

I want to wash my baby with the best shampoo around. Many people have different options on what is the best though so I just use my best judgment. Wrap up a bottle of baby shampoo and put that in your baby's stocking.

Preschoolers & Young Children

1. Crayons

What child doesn't love to color! My daughter goes through so many crayons and I am constantly buying her new packs to use. A box of crayons is the perfect addition to your child's stocking this Christmas.

2. Coloring Books

Of course, you need coloring books to go with the crayons. Check out these great coloring books for all ages.

3. Slinky

The Slinky is such a simple toy and kids can have fun with them for hours. There are so many different kinds on the market to choose from. They make a great stocking stuffer for kids, but adults could have fun with them as well.

4. Yo-Yo

Another fun, yet simple, toy to put in your child's stocking this Christmas. You can get yo-yos in many different colors and designs to go best with your child's personality.

5. Jump Rope

I can remember back to elementary school and singing jump rope songs with my friends on the playground. Such basic toys that we had so much fun playing with as children. I plan on putting a jump rope in my daughter's stocking this year and I would like to teach her some of the songs I sang as a kid.

6. Toothbrush

Below I have picked out a few toothbrushes for your older children to put in their stocking. As long as they have good oral hygiene and brush their teeth, I allow my children to pick out their favorite toothbrushes.

7. Toothpaste

Personally, I prefer basic mint toothpaste to brush my teeth with. I wanted to give a few examples of toothpaste with fluoride for your child who is ready to stop using fluoride free.

8. Hair ties

I received hair ties in my stocking every year as a kid. They break and stretch after only a few uses so I would need a new package each year. There are so many different types to choose from and you can match your outfit every day with so many color options.

9. Play-Doh

I originally hated the idea of buying my kids Play-Doh. I thought it would be messy and we would find it all over the house, but that is not true. We have an ice cream Play-Doh maker and it is so much fun making pretend ice cream sundaes with it. Clean up is easy too. We bought our daughter a few new containers of Play-Doh for her stocking.

10. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is just as fun as Play-Doh, if not better. You can buy all sorts of different kits for Kinetic Sand or you can just buy a bag of sand. It is such a great sensory toy and would be great as a stocking stuffer.

11. Socks

Children grow so quickly so you need to replace clothes regularly. If you have an active child, you probably have to replace socks even more often. The fun part about socks is you can fill them with candy and small toys to put in the stocking.

12. Underwear

This may not be the most fun stocking stuffer in the world, but it is practical and you can always find a style and design your child loves.

13. Book

I wanted to include some books for your more advanced reader. There are so many chapter books and box sets to look into to get your young reader to love reading. These books make great stocking stuffers too.

14. Balls

If you child is into sports or enjoys playing with bouncy balls, these would fit great in their stocking. You could always get them footballs or soccer balls, but depending on the size of your stocking, they probably wouldn't fit in it.

15. Gloves

If you live somewhere cold like I do, your child probably wears (and loses) plenty of pairs of gloves. I personally love the light up gloves, but a pair of warm gloves would make a great addition to your child's stocking.

16. Finger Puppets

I just purchased a new package of Paw Patrol Finger Puppets for my daughter's stocking for Christmas. These toys are meant for the bath tub, but your child can play with them anywhere.

17. Chalk

I tell all of our family members every year to buy my children chalk. We have an interactive chalkboard in the house and when it is warm out, we love to go draw on the sidewalk. Once the chalk gets too small, it's time to throw it away, which is why it makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

18. Bubbles

I've never met a kid who didn't love bubbles. The whale bubble machine is a big hit at our house and we always have extra bottles to refill it. Small bottles of bubbles would fit perfect in your child's stocking.

19. Figurines

My daughter has a purse with a collection of figurines. Her collection is getting so big, we need to get her a bigger purse to keep them in. She is getting the PJ Masks Figurines this year in her stocking.

20. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are a classic toy and there are so many options to buy. You can get a few individual car packages to put in your child's stocking and get a race track to go with their new cars.

21. Stickers

Every week, my daughter walks out of dance class with a new sticker from her teacher. She also asks the receptionist at her pediatrician's office if she can have a sticker when we are checking out. She absolutely loves stickers and I am always finding them stuck to our clothes. She will be receiving a few sleeves of stickers in her stocking this year.

22. Legos

I don't think there are many people who have not been cursed with stepping on a Lego. They are so tiny and hard to see on the carpet that if your child plays with Legos, you will probably step on one at some point. Since they are small, they can fit in your child's Christmas stocking as a great gift.

23. Bandages

If your child likes to run around and play, they will probably get hurt and need a bandage at some point. Luckily, there are adorable bandages for kids to enjoy to reduce the fear of getting hurt and wearing a bandage. Find your child's favorite character and surprise them with a box of bandages in their stocking.

24. Hair Bows

Hair clips and headbands are great additions to any little girl's outfit. We have a Princess sign hanging in my daughter's room to display all of her hair bows. She receives new beautiful hair bows every year in her Christmas stocking to add to her collection.

25. Snacks

You can't have a Christmas stocking without snacks or some sort of treat. Pick your child's favorite snack or treat and throw of few of them in their stocking this year.

There you have it! 50 Items to put in your Children's Christmas Stockings.

Do you have any other stocking stuffers you would like to share?

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Melissa Baker
Melissa Baker
01. Dez. 2022

This is an awesome list for children, any ideas for Teens/young adults?

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Chronicles of Mom Life
Chronicles of Mom Life
01. Dez. 2022
Antwort an

I do have a list for adults! I can look to do a post for teens. That is a great idea! I linked it below!

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