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Ways to Pamper Yourself After the Holidays

The holidays have come and gone along with the busy schedules and stress this time of year brings.

As mom’s, many of us take on the heavy burden of Christmas, which can be running around like crazy until the last minute and can take a toll on our mental health.

I personally love handling everything for Christmas during the busy holiday season because I want to make sure everything gets done how I want it to.

I also want to get to enjoy doing all the special things for my family members to make it the most wonderful time of the year.

The elves are back at the North Pole, the wrapping is done, you've gone to all the family gatherings and holiday parties, and you’ve baked enough desserts for the new year.

Now it is the perfect time to sit down, kick your feet up, and rest in the comfort of your own home because the holiday stress is over.

There are so many little things you can do to relax after the festive season is over so you can take a breath of fresh air and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Check out my list of some of the best ways to pamper yourself after the holiday season is over.

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1. Go for a Massage

Do your muscles ache from the stress of the holidays and leaning forward wrapping presents? I'm sure you need a full body massage to help relieve some of that tension. I’m not talking a massage coupon from your husband. Use some Christmas money or that gift card you were given and book a professional massage for yourself. They come in many different lengths and types so make that appointment today.

2. Get a Mani/Pedi

You’ve had a long day on your feet shopping, baking, and running around and this has been going on for the past 2 months. Give your fingers and toes the attention they need with some holiday self-care. Book yourself a manicure and pedicure and maybe even add on the paraffin package. Your hands and feet will thank you later for the amazing benefits.

3. Book a Facial

If the stress of the holidays caused you to break out, a facial could help your skin. There are many products on the market for a large range of skin types so just be honest about your skin and you can get a customized facial. I have very dry and sensitive skin so my skin is much different than someone who may have skin that is oily. A professional esthetician will be able to give you the best skin treatment for you to help you and give you some self-care tips if they have enough time.

4. Date Night with your Significant Other

After the stressful Christmas shopping and wrapping for your kids, have a night for yourselves to relax and unwind. Remember that you are more than your children. After they have grown and moved away, your significant other will still be there. Continue to date and spend quality time together to keep the romance alive.

If you're looking for date ideas, check out my posts Date Night Ideas Under $20 During Pandemic and 30 Fun Summer Date Night Ideas.

5. At-Home Spa Day

If you prefer to pamper yourself at home instead of the spa, you could have an at-home spa day. Treat yourself to a bubble bath, bath bombs, scented candles, a soothing face mask, essential oils, and some music. Create a calming atmosphere to lay back and tune out the rest of the world. Tell your spouse you are going to be occupied for a little while and you do not want to be disturbed or send the kids to grandma and grandpa’s house. Whatever you decide, give yourself the ultimate environment to relax.

6. Use Gift Cards for a Day of Shopping

If you received gift cards or gift certificates for Christmas, take a day to go retail shopping. You could go alone or with a friend depending on what is most relaxing to you. Spending gift cards will take away the guilt of spending more money after you just spent thousands on Christmas. Head over to your favorite stores for some after holiday shopping and treat yourself to the best gift.

7. Hire a Cleaning Company

If you had to host Christmas this year, there’s a good chance your house is a mess. You could look into hiring someone to clean your house for you after all of your guests have left. A nice professional cleaner could help stop germs from your guests to spread to you. If you spend more time in the car than your house, you could also schedule time to get your car detailed.

8. Treat yourself to Dinner at a Restaurant

After spending weeks preparing your big Christmas dinner, the last thing you will want to do is more cooking and cleaning up of your kitchen. Save yourself the cleanup and head out to a nice sit-down restaurant for the relaxation of having someone else cook for you. You could take the whole family or go on a date with your spouse. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you can kick back, relax, and have a great time.

9. Take a Yoga Class or Meditation Class

Yoga and meditation can really help you clear your mind of rid your body of stress. You could do a one-time yoga class or make it a regular thing. There are drop-in classes available at local dance studios or fitness centers. You could sign up and even make some new friends. There is also the option of at home videos you can do from your living room whenever you feel like you need to de-stress.

10. Plan a Girls’ Night with Friends

After nights with your spouse and children, you may need a girl’s night away to let your hair down. There are so many choices for girls’ nights and that will depend on your interests. Some examples include paint night, club hopping, casino, dinner, wine tastings, or a night in with your best friend. Whatever your interests are, a girls’ night can temporarily help you forget all the things going on in your life and can create safe spaces for you.

11. Pick Up a Good Book or Hobby

A great way to relieve your stress levels is to enjoy your favorite hobby or pick up your favorite book. I love to crochet so grabbing some yarn and a crochet hook is very therapeutic to me. You may like something more physical like going for a long walk, hiking, or kayaking. Whatever your favorite hobby is, find a wonderful way to enjoy it.

12. Take a Nap

After all the busy days and crazy nights, you probably need to catch up from not getting enough sleep. Send your family out of the house and get some much-needed rest. Nap for a few hours or sleep all day if you can. Your family will love the well-rested you.

You spend months taking care of your family, so a little time to yourself is necessary to recharge your body and mind.

You deserve the rest and relaxation because at the end of the day, you are still an individual person who deserves healthy habits.

Make sure to let your family know you need some mommy time and inform them when you will be unavailable.

You need to take charge and show your family moms should be spending time resting just like everyone else.

Did you have a crazy holiday season?

What ways did you find help you relax the best after the holiday season.

Share with us in the comments below!

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