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Outdoor Snow Day Activities

It’s a Snow Day!!

I remember watching that movie as a kid and wishing my school would have a Snow Day! They spent the entire day outside in the snow and never seemed to get cold. Although if I remember correctly, I don’t think I ever felt cold playing in the snow as a kid!

Want to watch Snow Day?

So many of my friends would try all these different things to wish for a snow day, like wearing your pajamas inside out and something about a spoon. There’s quite a few of them out there.

If your rituals worked and it’s a Snow Day, check out these fun outdoor activities to do with your family.

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What to Wear?

Before heading out into the cold and snow, you must get the appropriate snow gear to stay warm. If you’re from a cold area, you probably already know what you’ll need. For you lucky few who have not experienced a brutal winter before, here’s a general list of winter apparel and where you can purchase them.

1. Ski Jacket

I love skiing, so a heavy duty ski jacket is important to me. I picked out a new one this year and it is so warm. It’s perfect for spending the day out in the snow.

2. Snow Pants

You need snow pants if you’re going to be out in the snow. Snow pants are insulated and will keep moisture out. I prefer snow pants that are designed like pants, but you can also get a pair of overall snow pants as well.

3. Winter Hat or Ear Muffs

I suggest a winter hat over eat muffs to keep the heat from escalating from the top of your head. You could also pair ear muffs and a hat to really help keep your head warm. I just wouldn’t rely on a hood since even the smallest breeze will blow your hood off.

4. Insulated Gloves

My suggestion for gloves is a good pair of insulated gloves. Knit gloves may come in nice colors and look warm, but water will go through the gloves and your hands will be wet immediately. I only use knit gloves when I’m walking around outside quickly and have no intention of touching the snow.

5. Winter Boots

There is such a large selection of winter boots to choose from on the market. There are also many boots that claim to be winter boots, but will not keep your feet warm or dry in the snow. It’s important to look for insulated boots with grip on the bottom. A lot of fashion boots need to be treated before wearing them outside and they are flat on the bottom and will be difficult to walk through snow in.

6. Thermal Socks

This is up for debate because if you have great snow pants tucked around a good pair of boots, your socks should not matter. I personally like to wear knee high socks because if snow does sneak into my boot, I want my leg to have an extra layer of protection.

7. Scarf

I have a scarf hanger in my closet that holds about 50 beautiful scarves of different colors and fabrics. Each scarf has a purpose and that’s especially important when you live in a cold climate. I have scarves for every season and I can switch them up for my outfit. When you live somewhere cold, sometimes after you take your jacket off, you just want to leave your scarf around your neck. A scarf is there to keep your chest warm and help you breath by covering your face from the icy air.

What to Do?

Are you all bundled up and ready to head outside? There’s so many fun outdoor snow day activities.

1. Sledding

Grab your sled and head to the closest hill. Sledding is by far one of the best things to do on a snow day. If you can’t travel far, you can even build yourself a mini hill in your yard from all of the snow. Snow plows can help build huge hills too. If you have really little kids, a sled is also a great way to bring them along.

2. Build an Igloo

You could grab your beach shovel and pail if you want to get fancy. The easiest way to build an igloo is to dig into a large mound of snow.

Disclaimer: It’s important not to go inside any igloo that has not been packed down properly or checked to make sure it’s sturdy. It’s very easy for the igloo to collapse down on you and bury you in the snow.

3. Ice Skating

Where there is snow, there is usually ice. You could head on over to your local outdoor ice rink for some fun outside ice skating. There is usually an option to rent skates if you don’t own your own. Check with your local ice rink for details.

4. Skiing

One of my favorite winter activities is skiing. Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of going in many years, but I plan on taking my husband and children as soon as my kids are old enough to go. I prefer downhill skiing, but cross country skiing is also a fun option.

5. Build a Snowman

Who doesn’t love building a snowman? This past week my daughter had snowman week at school so she is excited to build a real snowman. You could build a large snowman if you get enough snow to warrant a snow day too! Don’t forget your hat, scarf, arms, carrot nose, and buttons. Amazon sells these cute Snowman Kits too that make Snowman building a breeze.

6. Snow Angels

You ever feel the rush of falling backwards into the snow to make a Snow Angel when you were a kid? You always wanted to achieve the perfect Snow Angel so you would just jump into the snow. The problem was always trying to get up after without ruining it. Head on outside and jump in the snow to create the perfect Snow Angel.

7. Snow Ball Fight

If you really want to feel like a kid, start a snow ball fight! Grab your family, split into teams, and start rolling some snow balls. To make if even more fun, you could build walls for each team or even get some neighbors to join in the game.

8. Head Inside for Hot Chocolate

This one may not be outside, but it will sure warm you up after spending hours outside. So head on in, curl up with a blanket and a nice warm glass of hot chocolate, and watch Snow Day together.

There you have it! Some great activities to do with the family outside during a Snow Day. So don’t fret about the snow and make the most of this time with your family.

Do you have any other fun Snow Day activities that you like to partake it?

Comment below!

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