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Board Game Ideas for Family Game Night

One of the best ways to spend time together with your family members is with a Family Board Game Night!

You could pick one of the best games to play together so you can interact without electronics.

Some of my favorite board games are the classic game or a party game you can play with large groups.

Gather everyone around the living room coffee table or set up a game in the center of the table in the dining room for the next game night.

There are so many different board games to choose from that vary in length that you are sure to find the perfect games.

The board games out there could last 30 minutes, or you could play for hours and must pick it up another night.

Whatever type of board game you like, it’s a great way to have so much fun with your whole family.

Check out our list of favorite Board Game Ideas for Family Game Night.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

1. Monopoly

One of the longest games I’ve ever played, but a classic board game. Start your game pieces on go, roll the dice, and make your way around the board buying up property and trying to become the richest player. If you’re looking for a family game for up to 8 players, Monopoly may be an option.

2. Risk

The goal of the game is to be the first player to take over the world by using strategy to conquer your enemies’ territories by building an army, moving your troops in, and engaging in battle. A much more advanced game with a recommended minimum age of 10, this game also has many versions to try.

3. Heads Up

This fun card game was seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. In this fast-paced game, players must guess what the word is on the other players heads before the timer runs out. The number of players you can have play is from 2 to 6.

4. Scrabble

Have a good time with one of the classic family board games, Scrabble. Use your knowledge of words to come up with as many words as you can using the letters you're given. Try to get the highest score on this popular game. You can play with 2 to 4 players, or form teams so you can play with large groups.

5. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit, recommended for ages 16 and up, is the perfect game to test your knowledge and move around the board to win. Play with 2 to 6 players to answers 2,400 trivia questions. Answer as many questions as you can correctly in every category to win the game.

6. Cranium

Show off your talents in word play, sketching, sleuthing, acting, and more with this fun board game. Another game with a recommended age of 16 and over, this game is a 2-player game that is to be played in teams with a small group or larger groups. This is the perfect addition to your next game night.

7. Apples to Apples

One of our family's favorite games, Apples to Apples can be played with younger kids starting at age 12. It's an excellent card game that is loads of fun and a simple game to learn. With over 1,000 cards to choose from, this game can be played with 4 to 10 players.

8. Jumanji

An electronic version of the classic adventure movie, this game really makes you feel like you've jumped into the game. Invite 3 other players for your own game night to play this immersive game and it will become a huge hit. This game is great for players ages 8 and up but remember to bring your AA batteries.

9. Twister

Are you ready to twist your body into knots. If you're looking to have some real quality time with the rest of the players, pull out your copy of the game Twister. This game is great for adults and kids ages 6 and up who want to get up out of their seat to play. This game is sure to make sure you have a fun night.

10. Candy Land

If you have younger children, this classic beginner game is great for ages 3 and up. The beautiful colors on the board and cute characters are great for young children who cannot read yet. The picture cards help tell the children what moves to make on the board. You can have a lot of fun helping your child get their game piece to the castle to win the game.

11. Guess Who

This popular game has so many versions available, and you can even make your own version. The game is played with 2 players by guessing the photo card the other player has and eliminating the choices by asking questions. The first players to eliminate all the choices and guess the other players card is the winner.

12. Pictionary

If you're looking to put your drawing skills to the test, Pictionary is a great game for the entire family. Race against the one-minute time limit to see if you can be the first team to guess your teammates drawing. The best part is if your teammates cannot draw, and you still must guess what their pictures are. It is the perfect game to add to your great game night ideas.

13. The Game of Life

Put your character peg into your tiny game piece car and take a spin around the board of life. As one of the most popular board games, this game takes your through some big decisions you can encounter in real life like college, career, marriage, growing a family, and retiring. Make choices along the way and add pegs to your family car. Be the first person to successfully make it through The Game of Life.

14. Clue

Get ready to use your detective skills during the game of clue to solve a murder mystery. Are the characters in the game the murder or are they just horrible people? Figure out who the murderer is during one of the best board games out there. Can you guess the who, what, and where of one of the most unique games?

15. Settlers of Catan

This game is easy to play once you sit down to learn the rules. Start with the base game and purchase the expansion packs to make this game even more fun for the whole family. Every time you play it will feel like a new game with the new board you create. Gain victory points as you develop the isle of Catan.

16. Hi Ho Cherry-O

Another great game for kids ages 3 and up, this fun game is a great game for young kids to learn their math skills, including counting, addition, and subtractions. Players get to pick fruit from trees to put in their baskets and put the fruit back if their spinner lands on a bird or dog. Just try not to spill your basket because you'll have to put all your fruit back and start the game over.

17. The Floor is Lava

Cover your floor with foam tiles to land on during this game because the floor is lava! Kids love to play this game to test their balance and solve Tiki challenges while avoiding falling in the lava. The last player standing or the first player to collect all 4 bracelets wins.

18. Sorry

You may be telling other players sorry during this classic board game as your pawn slides, jumps, and hides around the game board. Just try not to get bumped because it's back to the beginning for you. Players must get from start to finish before the rest of the players. This game is great for players ages 6 and up.

19. Trouble

Press the Pop-O-Matic bubble to roll the dice and get into trouble in this updated version of the classic Trouble game. Players must race their game pieces around the board to the finish before the other players. Watch out that you don't get bumped back to the beginning. This game is perfect for children ages 5 and up and came be played with 2, 3, or 4 players.

20. Chutes and Ladders

Teach your children the rewards of good deeds and the consequences of naughty ones in this old 1970's edition of Chutes and Ladders. Young children who cannot play can play this game by using basic addition skills. Get from the bottom to the top of the board before the other players. This game can be played by children ages 4 and up and you can have anywhere from 2 to 4 players.

21. Bamboozled

Can you bluff your way to victory in this hilarious family dice game? If you get caught bluffing, you lose a life, so try not to get caught. Follow the simplified rules and watch the video to learn how to play this fun game for the first time. This game can be played by kids, teens, and adults and is a great addition to your list of family games. You can play with anywhere from 2 to 8 players so grab your game today!

22. Pretty, Pretty Princess

One of my favorite games as a little girl, this game is perfect if you have little kids who love to dress up. You must try to earn every piece of jewelry in your color, which includes a ring, bracelet, necklace, and earrings. Be careful you don't get the black ring though because you cannot win the game if you have it. Earn your crown once you have all of your jewelry and win the game by being the Pretty Pretty Princess.

23. Operation

Use your tweezer skills on this silly game by trying to perform operations on the red nosed patient, Cavity Sam. Players must remove the patient’s body parts without hitting the side and causing the buzzer to go off. The player with the most money when all of Cavity Sam's body parts have been removed wins the game. This game can be played with players of all ages and an unlimited number of players.

24. Do You Really Know Your Family?

The perfect game for kids ages 8 and up, teens, and adults, this game can help you learn so much about your family members. This card game can help players learn more about each other and build new family memories as you answer interesting questions, spark conversations, and perform silly challenges together. This game makes a great trivia night game and can really show you how much you really know about each other.

25. Taboo

Break up into 2 teams to race against the clock as you try to guess the word without saying the forbidden words written on the cards. Say the forbidden word and get the squeaker and lose the point. Use the game-changer die to add a unique twist to the game. With 260 cards with over 640 Guess words, it's a great idea for game night with friends and family.

Board games can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages.

I love to sit down to play a game of Guess Who: Disney Edition with my daughter.

Laughing and having phone playing board games can help you spend more time with your children.

I love listening to my kid’s stories about school and activities while we are playing.

Do you have a family game night?

What are your favorite family board games?

Let us know in the comments below.

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