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30 Outdoor Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Summer months are upon us and so are the countless fun summer activities to embark on with your family.

I love the days packing up the family and heading out to a day full of outside activities on a hot summer day.

You can have such a great time with the family doing all sorts of fun things that the adults and children will both enjoy.

Don't forget your sunscreen and head outside for a fun-filled summer day full of easy outdoor activities.

If you love the warm weather and want to enjoy as many fun outdoor activities as possible this summer, check out our list of outdoor summer activities for families.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

1. Water Park

What better way to start your summer than to go down water slides? Throw on your bathing suit and drive to the local water park with your family. It’s the perfect way to stay cool and it’s fun for adults and kids of all ages.

2. The Beach

If you want to enjoy the water, but you want to kick back and relax, head on down to the beach. Your kids can build sandcastles and play different games on the sand along with swimming in the water.

If you’re thinking of heading to the beach, check out my post What to Bring to the Beach for Kids to make sure you’re fully prepared.

3. Farmer’s Market

The best place to find fresh local produce during the summer is at the local Farmer’s Market. You can find a large variety of fruits, vegetables, cakes, cheese, and more. I love to check out the local bakeries booths to buy some of their fresh pastries. It is always great to support local businesses and you will get fresh produce and products as a bonus.

4. Amusement Park

If you’re not looking to take a trip to Disney World, there are still so many Amusement parks to enjoy. The smaller amusement parks can have less walking and will be much easier on the younger kids too. Some of the larger amusement parks have water parks attached so bonus points if you can tackle two things on this list at the same time.

5. Carnival

Traveling carnivals can be a lot of fun if you have any coming to your area for the weekend. If you’re not into carnival rides, there is usually plenty of food, games, and live music to enjoy as well. Some local carnivals use the proceeds to support local businesses, which is so helpful for the community.

6. Summer Festival

Summer festivals tend to be different from carnivals as there is not typically rides, but plenty of local vendors selling homemade crafts and artwork. I love to walk through the vendors to see unique pieces you can’t find in big box stores. You may also find live bands and entertainment at summer festivals as well. Make sure to check ahead of time to see if the event is family-friendly or not.

7. Camping

You can enjoy the perks of camping even without a camper. Sleep in a tent or rent a cabin and have fun barbecuing and making s’mores by the campfire. You could stay at a local campground or go camping in the woods. Whichever you decide to go with, plan to watch out for local wildlife and keep all food locked away where animals can't get to it.

8. Picnic

I keep a special blanket in my trunk used to lay on the ground for picnics or events. Pack a lunch, pull your blanket out, and go eat with your family outside on a nice day. You could bring outdoor games for the whole family to participate in.

Are you interested in a picnic blanket? You can grab a Waterproof Picnic Blanket Here from Amazon.

9. Cookout

If you want to eat outside, but you don’t want to leave home, have a cookout in your backyard. We love to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, make pasta salads, and eat snacks. You could cook anything you want and even invite the neighborhood kids and their families to join.

10. Boating / Water Activities

If you love to go out on a boat, take the family out for the day. Depending on your area, sometimes you can rent boats or jet skis for a certain amount of time. Check with your area to see what options are available.

11. Playground

An easy outdoor activity for the family is to take the kids to the local park. I always make sure to bring snacks, water, and sunscreen to allow us to stay longer. A park with baby swings allows your younger children to have fun along with your big kids.

12. State Fair

We don’t live too far from our state fairgrounds, so it’s a great trip to make when it opens every summer. You get to enjoy food from all over the state and entertainment. There’s always so much to do for the kids inside and outside. I always plan to bring the stroller because it can be a lot of walking for the little kids and the crowds can get overwhelming.

13. Parades

There are a few holidays over the summer with parades to enjoy. This year, my daughter gets to participate in our local parade. It’s something the kids can watch and sometimes candy is thrown too. Many parades even finish out with fireworks later in the evening.

14. Ice Cream

It’s not summer vacation without ice cream. You could head on over to the local ice cream shop, wait for the ice cream truck, or make your own sundaes at home. No matter which option you choose, it’s a great way to stay cool on those hot summer days.

15. Splash Pad

Our city put in a local splash pad a few years ago at the park and it’s a wonderful option for families to go to on hot days for some water play. It’s easier for the younger kids to stay cool without worrying about them in a large pool with lots of kids.

16. Sports Game

If you’re into sports, there are many summer sports leagues playing in summer. You could grab tickets to a college game or a professional game. It can be fun to watch the local high school play or even the little kids too. If you signed your children up for summer leagues, you could watch them play all summer.

17. Renaissance Faire

There are not too many Renaissance Festivals around, but there are some that travel during the summer. We love to see all the team members and guests dressing up in authentic clothing and speaking in only Middle English. We have such a good time with the jousting, performances, vendors, and food. These things really add to the experience.

18. Hiking

While I’m not big into hiking, I know so many people who love to hike all summer long. You could take your children on shorter hikes or carry younger children in carriers. It’s a great form of exercise and gets you out for a nature walk.

19. Local Pool

The local pool is a great option to stay cool if you don’t have a pool in your yard. Many areas have swimming hours, and you could sign your kids up for lessons if it’s available. It's a fun activity if you're looking for somewhere to go at the last minute and you don't want to travel far from home.

20. Go for a Walk / Bike Rides

Put your little kids in the stroller and go for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. If you don’t want to walk around your neighborhood, you could take them to walking trails or large parks in the area. You could also grab your bikes and go for a family bike ride.

21. Drive-In Movie Theater

There are still Drive-In Movie Theaters around, you just may have to do some research. You could back your car into the parking spot and sit in the trunk of the car or bring lawn chairs. My favorite part about the drive-in movie theater is it allows you to watch a movie, but you can still enjoy the beautiful weather.

22. Campfire

My favorite summer activity is relaxing by a campfire at night making s’mores. I’m a night owl so sitting outside in the dark on those longer days with the campfire light glowing is so calming for me. You could have campfires while camping, but many areas allow campfires in your own backyard. Look into your area to see if campfires are allowed and what type of rules you must follow.

23. Zoo / Animal Park

You could take the kids to the zoo or a local animal park. There are petting zoos to take the kids and safaris to drive through as well. Kids love to see animals and it can be so educational to teach them about the animals you see. Another option is an aquarium if you have one nearby, but many aquariums are indoors.

24. Outdoor Family Film Night

Some companies hold outdoor family film nights at the local parks for the community. You can bring chairs and blankets to kick back and enjoy the show. Most of these movies are children’s movies, but sometimes you can find a showing for a movie for adults.

26. Water Balloon Fight

Cool off in your backyard with water balloons and have a water balloon fight or a water war. Combine that with a sprinkler, cookout, and a late-night campfire, and you have the best ideas for a great summer day. You could even create water balloon pinatas for a quick and fun way to cool down.

27. Summer Camp

Summer Camp may not be for the whole family, but it's still a great summer activity your kids could enjoy while they're on summer vacation. You could look into a day camp or an overnight camp for your older kids to attend. So many camps have fun ideas to keep your children entertained while you're at work every day during the summer too.

28. Nature Trails

Since I'm not into hiking, I prefer to go for walks on nature trails. It's much easier to push the kids in the stroller because there is not much climbing to do. You can usually find nature trails at the local state park and it's a great opportunity for a nature scavenger hunt.

29. Local Library

Our local library has so many free summer activities for the children in the community Some local libraries try to incorporate sensory play and outdoor play for the children. There may also be book reading and an indoor activity for the children to participate in.

30. Children's Museum

While most children's museums are inside, many hold outdoor activities during the summer months to get the children active. They try to find activities to help with brain development and activities that are filled with creative ideas for children of all ages. Some children's museums have a yearly membership you can sign up for and the activities are available to members at no extra cost.

There are so many activities to do with your entire family from free to expensive over summer break.

Hopefully you could find some great ideas to add to your summer schedule to do with your family and have so much fun.

Are you looking for some great outdoor toys for your children to play with in your backyard this summer? Get your kids outside playing with water guns, toy cars, giant bubbles, mud pies, a baby pool, sidewalk chalk, a mud kitchen, an obstacle course, and more.

Do you have favorite summer activities you love to do with your family?

Are you going to try to check out all these fun activities from your summer bucket list?

Let us know in the comments below.

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