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Best Bluey Toys This Holiday Season for Kids

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means Christmas shopping is in full swing!

One of the harder toys to find this Christmas is for the Australian hit tv show, Bluey.

Bluey, a cartoon featuring Bluey Heeler, a six-year-old blue heeler dog, is a household favorite for the whole family.

Some of the best toys are easy to get, but others are difficult to find because of the show’s popularity.

Children and adults were even excited to see a Bluey float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Be sure to hop online or run to the store quickly because scalpers will quickly buy up all the popular toys and sell them online for double the manufacturers price. The whole system seems broken and very difficult for many families.

I thought I would cover some of the most popular Bluey toys wanted by kids all over the world for all age groups.

Bluey toys are very popular, and many areas are having shortages getting them because they are of great value.

Check out some of the best and ultimate Bluey toys for Bluey fans and where to purchase them.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

1. Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse

This awesome Bluey Playhouse looks like Bluey’s house from the tv show. When opened, it is 17” tall and 30” wide. Your children can enjoy lights and over 50 sound effects and phrases from the show. The moving dance floors lets the characters come alive. Grab a Bluey Playhouse for your children and add some of the awesome sets to add to it to create Bluey's everyday family life.

2. Bluey Dance and Play 14" Animated Plush

If your kids love interactive toys, this Bluey Dance and Play Plush toy is a great way to sing and dance along with the Bluey songs. This best mate Bluey can play games, hop on one leg, and wave her arms in the air. The soft fur makes this toy great for cuddling as well.

3. Bluey School Playset

Head over to school to spend the day with Bluey and her friends with the Bluey School Playset. Open the playset by folding out the walls to reveal 3 different play areas. This includes a classroom, cozy cove, and a pillow fort. You can even decorate the schoolhouse with the included stickers.

4. Bluey Bus

Go on an adventure with Bluey and her best friends in the Bluey bus. This little yellow bus has plenty of seats for Bluey and the main characters to come aboard. The friends included are Bluey, Bingo, Lila, Coco, Winston, and Calypso. Turn the dial on the front of the bus to choose your destination.

5. Bluey & Bingo 8" Mini Plush Bundle

Grab your own mini plush 2 pack of Bluey and her sister Bingo. These soft plush toys are great for cuddling with at home. They are the perfect size to bring along on adventures too, especially for small children.

6. VTech Bluey, Bluey's Book of Games

Play games with Bluey and Bingo with Bluey’s Book of Games interactive toy. This toy is designed for children ages 3-6 and allows kids to play pretend Bluey and Bingo using things around their house. You can hear Bluey, Bingo, Dad, and Mum phrases by pressing their buttons. You can also play Bluey and Bingo’s favorite games and hear their voices in Story, Play Together, Music and Follow the Leader Modes.

7. Bluey Garbage Truck

We love the episode when it is Bin Night and Bluey helps take out the garbage. Grab your very own garbage truck to help Bluey take out the garbage and empty the garbage bins into the truck with the Bin Man. This set comes with a garbage truck, 2 garbage bins, Bluey, Bin Man, and garbage stickers.

8. Bluey Family Home Playset

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller playset, this Bluey Family Home Playset is a great option. This playset has 4 rooms, which includes Bluey and Bingo’s bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. It also has a wall panel that can be pulled down to have an outdoor patio with a picnic table. The rooms even come with the furniture from the show, which is a great addition to the playset.

9. Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures

Take a road trip with Bluey and her family on a Caravan Adventure. Open the Caravan for the characters to play in a kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. This set even includes the Heeler 4WD family vehicle to hook up to the Caravan so it can be towed on your trip.

10. Bluey, 4WD Family Vehicle

Only looking for the Heeler family’s Family vehicle? You can find it here with 1 Bluey figure and 2 surf boards to attach to the top. The entire family can fit inside the vehicle by pulling back the top and placing them inside in their seats. The Heeler family is ready to head to the beach.

11. Bluey 18" Stuffed Animal

Don’t go to bed without this cuddly toy and huggable jumbo plush stuffed animal. If you have a child who loves Bluey, you can’t go wrong with this soft best friend. Little kids will feel like they’re playing with the real Bluey.

12. Bluey Pool Playset

Take Bluey and Bingo to Uncle Stripe’s pool to dive off the diving board or relax on the deck under the cabana, just like on one of our favorite Bluey episodes. You can fill the pool with water for some realistic play. Bluey comes dressed in her bathing suit and goggles and can float around on her pool toys. You can purchase Bingo in her swimsuit and more action figures to play in the pool too.

13. Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game

Work together with your family members to complete the Bluey Scavenger Hunt family board game. Play with 2-4 players, ages 3 and up, to be the first to find 12 toy tokens and cross the finish line as a team. The Bluey Scavenger Hunts Game comes with a game board, 20 find cards, 10 play cards, 35 toy tokens, and 4 player pawns with bases.

14. Bluey Shadowlands Board Game

Join Bluey and her friends in a game of Shadowlands as they try to be the first to the picnic. Turn the palm tree in the center of the board to change the shadowy bits as you play. Be sure to stay in the shadowy bits, collect 5 cupcake cards, and be the first to the picnic to win one of our favorite Bluey board games.

15. Bluey 11 Puzzle Bundle Set

If your child loves puzzles, this large 11 puzzle bundle set would be the perfect gift. This puzzle set is great for all different places, from travel to table. It comes with wood, fuzzy, classic die-cut, and even a puzzle in a lunch box. Have fun putting together puzzle from your favorite tv show.

16. Bluey Slimygloop Slimy Sand

Use the 5 Bluey molding tools to create your very own Bluey slimy sand creations. This fun sensory experience is great for kids to squish, twist, stretch, and squeeze the slimy sand to relieve stress and strength find motor skills. This slimy sand is also scented including blue raspberry, orange, and cotton candy.

17. Bluey Friendship Jewelry

Create your very own Bluey Friendship necklaces and bracelets with this easy-to-follow jewelry kit. The included flexible rubber cording has an easy snap closure and can be put on and taken off by children. Take the kit with you in a travel-friendly storage case.

18. Bluey Spirograph Cyclex Studio

Your artist can design their own masterpiece with the Bluey spirograph. This spirograph kit comes with sticker and themed design sheets to follow along. The design wheels help children create beautiful art in a fun and easy way.

19. Bluey Paint Your Own Figurines

Paint your very own ceramic figures from the tv show Bluey, which includes Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit figure. This kit comes with 4 ready-to-paint characters and the paint needed to paint the whole Heeler family. Bring your favorite show to life while your children get the benefits of sensory development and find motor practice.

20. Bluey Magnetic Playset

Punch out your favorite characters from magnetic sheets and create your very own stories on the different backgrounds. This magnetic playset comes in a storage tin to keep the magnets organized and allows you to bring them with you anywhere.

Bluey is one of the most popular shows on Disney+, Disney Junior, and the Disney Channel.

There are many toys, Bluey books, and activity books related to the show to choose from for all Bluey fans!

The good news is you can be sure to hop on over to Amazon or get to the store quickly if you want to get these or other favorite toys for your children.

It is so hard to find some of these top toys as it gets closer to Christmas... For Real Life!

Does your child want Bluey toys for the holidays?

What Bluey toys are you buying for your children this year?

Share with us in the comments below!

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