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Ultimate List of Gabby's Dollhouse Toys

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The holidays are quickly approaching and shopping days are starting.

If I know something about Christmas time, you do not want to wait too long to buy those hit toys.

Scalpers will quickly buy up all the popular toys and sell them online for double the manufacturers price.

The whole system seems broken and very difficult for many families.

If your child wants a Gabby’s Dollhouse birthday party, go check out the best way to plan it Here for some Gabby’s Dollhouse Birthday Party Ideas

I thought I would cover some of the past popular toys that are still wanted by children all over the world.

The popular original Netflix show, Gabby’s Dollhouse, has a collection of toys by Spin Master and are some of the most popular toys for girls and boys.

An added bonus to purchasing the toys is the QR Code that comes with every item. These codes can be redeemed for play pieces on the free Gabby’s Dollhouse app game. Gabby fans are given another way to enjoy one of their favorite shows.

Find out how you can get the best Gabby’s Dollhouse toys and where to purchase them.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

1. Gabby's Dollhouse, Gabby's Purrfect Dollhouse

The popular Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse is my favorite Gabby’s Dollhouse toy because it is designed like the dollhouse in the show with the different rooms, room backdrops, elevator, and colorful details. Watch your kids for hours having some exciting pretend play adventures.

2. Gabby's Purrfect Dollhouse Bedrooms

The Gabby's Purrfect Dollhouse is not complete without the 6 additional bedrooms you can purchase separately. When I bought the dollhouse for my daughter, I assembled the dollhouse and added in the bedrooms to give her the full dollhouse experience.

- Gabby's Dollhouse, Carlita Purr-ific Play Room

- Gabby's Dollhouse, Baby Box Cat Craft-A-Riffic Room

- Gabby's Dollhouse, Bakey with Cakey Kitchen

- Gabby's Dollhouse, Groovy Music Room

- Gabby's Dollhouse, Primp and Pamper Bathroom

- Gabby's Dollhouse, Sweet Dreams Bedroom

3. Gabby's Dollhouse, Transforming Garden Treehouse Playset

Enjoy the hidden surprises in the Garden Treehouse playset inspired by the Cotton Candy Tree in the show. The thumbwheel activates the lights and reveals a secret room. Kitty Fairy would love to share her fairy-themed accessories with you including the vine zipline that can be attached to the outside of Gabby's Purrfect Dollhouse. Another addition to the dollhouse to make it one of the best new toys.

4. Gabby's Dollhouse, Cakey Kitchen Set

If your child loves baking as much as Cakey, Cakey Kitchen Set would be the perfect gift for them. This large kitchen set is a great gift way for your child to engage in imaginative play and will take them on all sorts of fun adventures.

5. Gabby's Dollhouse, Bakey with Cakey Oven

Add this great Cakey Oven to the Cakey Kitchen Set and create the ultimate setting for Gabby's Dollhouse kitchen fun. The oven features lights and sounds to create a realistic cooking experience. Included in this set is 5 play food pieces and accessories so your kids can pretend to bake all sorts of creations.

6. Gabby’s Dollhouse, Dress-Up Closet Portable Playset

If you have a child who loves to dress up their dolls, the Dress-Up Closet Portable Playset is a great gift and includes some great fun accessories. Style the hair of your Gabby girl figure, do her makeup, and pick out an outfit for her to wear. She can walk the catwalk on the pedestal and climb the rope ladder, while having her very own photo shoot in her magical room.

7. Gabby’s Dollhouse, 13-inch Talking Pandy Paws Plush Toy

Give your Talking Pandy Paws Plush toy a big hug and bring your very own Pandy Paws to life. This plush Pandy Paws looks just like the stuffed animal from the beginning of the show and he even carries his very own Pandy pack. Pandy Paws comes with 2 songs, 10 sounds and phrases, and lights that can be activated by squeezing and holding his paw.

8. Gabby’s Dollhouse, 14-inch Interactive Talking Mercat Plush Kids Toy

Get your children one of these beautiful interactive MerCat plush toys to add to their cat friends collection. The built-in music and phrases can be activated by squeezing MerCat's belly and the star on her head lights up.

9. Gabby’s Dollhouse Plush Toys

These irresistible kitty characters from the show are so soft and cuddly and you just can't help collecting them all.

- Gabby's Dollhouse, 7-inch Kitty Fairy Purr-ific Plush Toy

- Gabby’s Dollhouse, 7-inch Cakey Cat Purr-ific Plush Toy

- Gabby’s Dollhouse, 8-inch MerCat Purr-ific Plush Toy

10. Gabby’s Dollhouse, Gabby Deluxe Craft Dolls and Accessories

If you have an artist who loves Gabby's Dollhouse, the Gabby Deluxe Craft Dolls and Accessories would be the perfect gift this holiday season. The set comes with a Gabby girl figure and a Baby Box Cat figure who help you create your very own works of art. Dip the Gabby's water brush pen into water and draw on the Gabby's water pad. Watch your creations come to life.

11. Gabby's Dollhouse, Surprise Pack, (Amazon Exclusive) Toy Figures and Dollhouse Furniture

This Amazon Exclusive Surprise Pack is filled with a Gabby Girl figure and all her kitty friends, including a Pandy Paws figure, Pillow Cat figure, Box Cat figure, MerCat figure, DJ Catnip figure, Cakey figure, and a Carlita figure. The dollhouse-themed package also comes with dollhouse furniture pieces and 2 surprise accessories for a special reward.

12. Gabby's Dollhouse, Carlita Toy Car

Carlita comes to life and is one of the great gifts you can get your Gabby's Dollhouse-loving child. With her wagging tail and blinking eyes, Carlita can be pushed along on all of your favorite Gabby's Dollhouse adventures.

13. Gabby's Dollhouse, Magical Musical Cat Ears

Your child can jump into Gabby's Dollhouse with their very own Magical Musical Ears inspired by the show to hang out with their own Gabby cats. These ears have the cat-inspired shape and a button to play some of your favorite songs and phrases from the show.

14. Gabby’s Dollhouse, Meow-Mazing Board Game

This fun Gabby's Dollhouse board game lets you get ready for a meow-mazing party. Kids ages 4 and up can play by rolling the dice and moving around the board to decorate rooms and collecting charms to put on their kitty headband. The player at the end with the most charms wins the special heart charm.

15. Gabby's Dollhouse, Deluxe Figure Gift Set

The perfect set to complete your Gabby's Dollhouse collection, this set comes with Gabby, Pandy Paws, MerCat, Cakey Cat, CatRat, Baby Box, and a Kitty Fairy figure. Add the surprise accessory to your Gabby's Dollhouse slide for dollhouse deliveries.

16. Gabby's Dollhouse, Meow-Mazing Mini Figures 12-Pack (Amazon Exclusive) Rainbow -Themed Toy Figures and Playsets

In addition to the Gabby's Dollhouse figures that go with the dollhouse, you can grab Amazon Exclusive mini figures for a full Gabby's Dollhouse collection. You can purchase the mini figures separate or grab the full set here.

Gabby’s Dollhouse is such a popular show on Netflix.

There are many toys related to the show to choose from!

Make sure to get to the store quickly if you want to get these or other favorite toys for your children.

It is so hard to find some of these toys as it gets closer to Christmas.

Does your child want Gabby’s Dollhouse toys for the holidays?

What Gabby’s Dollhouse toys are you buying for your children this year?

Let us know in the comments below!

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