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Blue’s Clues Birthday Party Ideas

When I was a child, Blue’s Clues was a big hit! I was a little older when it came out, but I got my little cousin watching it.

Steve came out with that heartfelt message a while back to the kids who watched the show and he made us all cry. With that message, parents introduced their kids to the new version of the show and a whole new generation is now in love with Blue’s Clues.

Including my 2-year-old son!

For his 2nd birthday party, we decided to go with a Blue’s Clues theme!

There are so many fun things to do for food, decorations, games, favors, and more!

Check out the ways to plan for your child’s Blue’s Clues birthday party!

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Party Food:

I always label my food at parties, so guests know what they are eating. I would hate for a guest to grab something they don’t like because it was not labeled.

I made these Printable Blue’s Clues Food Labels that I want to share with you.

Click here to download and print out the Food Labels and Thank You Tags.

1. Hot dog bar

Since the party is Blue’s Clues, I thought what better way to celebrate than by eating hot dogs! A hot dog bar gives you so many options so people can choose exactly what they want on their hot dogs.

I had 2 triple mini crockpots that I was able to use to keep the hot foods warm during the party.

Those foods included:

· Hot dogs with skin

· Hot dogs with no skin

· Nacho cheese

· Chili w Beans

· Chili w No Beans

· Baked Beans

The cold foods I prepped and put in Tupperware on a separate table.

Those included:

· Shredded cheese

· Sauerkraut

· Onions Raw

· Bacon bits

In addition to toppings, I included the usual hot dog options on another table.

These were:

· Hot dog rolls

· Ketchup

· Mustard

· Relish

2. Fruit Salad

One of the most popular foods I put out at parties is fruit salad. Kids tend to eat most of it and it’s a healthy option as well. You can include any fruit you want, but I included Strawberries, Blueberries, Pineapple, Watermelon, and Grapes.

3. Macaroni Salad

Another popular options for kids and is great for anyone who doesn’t eat hot dogs.

4. Vegetable Tray

My son was walking into the food tent and picking veggies off the veggie tray.

5. Water bottles

The easiest drink option is bottles of water. Each person can grab one and carry it around with them. I recommend having a Sharpie and masking tape near the drinks so guests can label their bottles and cups with their name.

6. Blue’s Clues Punch

I wanted to have a blue drink since the party is all about Blue the puppy. A delicious and very sweet drink option is a combination of Blue Hawaiian Punch and Lemon Lime Soda.

I put the drink into a large drink dispenser, you can find here on Amazon.

7. Magenta’s Iced Tea

If you want to give your guests a less sweet option, you can put out Magenta’s Iced Tea, which is just Pure Leaf Iced Tea. There are many options of tea you can go with, which include sweetened, partially sweetened, and unsweetened.

8. Blue’s Clues Cake

You can purchase a cake or make it yourself. I made my Blue’s Clues cake out of vanilla cake and buttercream frosting. The cake looked great and tasted even better.

Party Decorations:

1. Blue’s Clues Mailbox

My favorite party decoration was the Blue’s Clues Mailbox I made out of an old shoe box. It made a great card box and was adorable in photos.

If you would like to make your own Blue’s Clues Mailbox, check out my post Blue’s Clues DIY Mailbox.

2. Plates/Napkins/Cups

One of my favorite additions to birthday parties is the themed plates, napkins, and cups. I like to purchase 1 set of themed and mix in some plain as well.

I purchased a Blue’s Clues set off Amazon Here!

3. Balloons

I found the cutest Blue’s Blues balloons for the party for my son to enjoy. There was a Blue Puppy Mylar balloon that I attached to his lawn chair, a round Blue’s Clues Mylar balloon, some small latex Blue’s Clues balloons, and a large blue number 2.

You can get all these balloons off Amazon by following the link Here!

4. Tablecloths

My children have a tiny wooden picnic table we were gifted a few year back. It’s been the best way to have children at our house because they can sit at their picnic table comfortably. I put a Blue’s Clues tablecloth on his table so the kids could enjoy Blue while they ate. I bought some plain blue tablecloths for the rest of the tables. My Blue's Clues tablecloth came in the set with the plates, napkins, and cups.

5. Decorative Paper Fans

When my son had his Baptism, we had some blue and white paper fans we hung around. We did not use them all for his party. I pulled some unused fans out and hung them on the tents for my son’s birthday party.

6. Tents

If you are having an outside party, it is important to put up tents. Guests will want the options to get out of the sun if it’s a hot day.

7. Tables

Prepare ahead of time for how many tables you will need. Make sure to include the amount of food to put out, how many people will be sitting to eat, and where guests will set out presents. I set the favors in the middle of the tables where people were eating, but you could have a separate table for favors as well.

8. Chairs

It is important to have enough chairs for the number of guests invited. You do not want guests standing around holding their plates in their hands to eat or sitting on a table because their feet hurt. I have asked my parents and in-laws to bring chairs to give us more. There are also rental companies to get tents, tables, and chairs as well.

Party Activities:

1. Bouncy Slide/Bouncy House

One of my favorite party activities is renting a bouncy slide or bouncy house. If you plan on having a lot of children, a bouncy play area is popular. Kids will get so much energy out bouncing and you can sit back and watch.

2. Piñata

You can get the most adorable piñatas or make them yourself! The piñata we purchased had Blue on one side and Magenta on the other. I found a great Blue’s Clues Piñata at Party City. I love that you can hit it with a bat or you can pull the strings on the bottom to release the candy.

3. Bubble Machine

Since this party was for our 2-year-old, we wanted to have options of things he would enjoy. The kids all had a blast running through the bubble machine bubbles. The bubbles in the bubble machine can also double as Slippery Soap bubbles.

There are so many Bubble Machines on Amazon, check out some great options Here.

Party Favor:

1. Shovel and Pail

It only seemed appropriate to have shovels and pails for favors for the kids. I opted to go with assorted colors, but you could go with red and yellow like the show. If you decide to have a piñata for the party, the pails can double as candy collectors.

Grab a set of 6 or 12 Shovels and Pails off Amazon Here.

2. Blue’s Clues Cups

I found the most adorable Blue’s Clues plastic cups last minute so I grabbed them and put them inside the pails.

You can find a set of Blue’s Clues cups here on Amazon.

3. Bubbles

Another great way to add Slippery Soap is to add bubbles to the favors. I added a container of bubbles inside the pails to go with the Blue’s Clues cups.

4. Thank You Tags

I designed Thank You Tags and attached them to each bucket handle. It’s a great way to thank your little guests for coming to the party.

You can grab my Blue's Clues Thank You Tags and Food Labels and add them to your party here!

Throwing a Blue’s Clues party for my son was a huge success. It took a lot of planning and party prep, but it was a hit, and our children had a great time.

Are you planning a Blue’s Clues birthday party for your child?

Tell us about your Blue’s Clues party in the comments below!

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