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Baby Registry Must Haves (Part 4 of 4)

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

You made it to the final part of our 4 part series of Baby Registry Must Have Items.

This part covers Diapering, Bath time, and Clothing.

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If you missed the first 3 parts, you can see them here at Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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1. Diapers & Wipes:  Definitely register for diapers and wipes.  Many baby registries will give you a discount on diapers and wipes if you sign up for a baby registry with them.  Until our son’s first birthday, we will receive a diaper discount through the baby registry I created on Amazon.  If you do a Diaper Raffle or Game for you baby shower, guests will have an idea of what brand diapers you prefer.

2. Diaper Bag:  I had registered for a shoulder style Diaper Bag with our daughter.  We used this bag for 3 years until I was pregnant with our son.  I knew we would need a bag that would be easier to carry and we needed more room so we registered for a Diaper Backpack like this one the second time around.  I wish we had a Diaper Backpack from the beginning because they are a game changer.

3. Diaper Pails:  There are diaper pails on the market that have a foot pedal you push down and just drop the diaper in.  We are still using this Diaper Genie we received for our registry with our daughter.  The diaper pail eliminates the smell of dirty diapers and keeps flies away.  You can get off brand diaper bags as well, so don’t let that stop you from getting a diaper pail.


1. Bath Tubs and/or Slings: After your baby’s cord heals, you can start giving them baths in the bathtub.  They just look so tiny in that huge bathtub during their first bath.  Using a baby tub or sling to bathe them can help keep them secure.

2. Hooded Towels:  New babies need to keep their heads covered.  Registering for a few hooded towels is a good idea.

3. Bath Toys:  It may seem early to think about bath toys, but they can be a great distraction during bath time if your baby isn’t a fan of the water.

4. Baby Shampoo:  If you have a preference on what type of baby shampoo you want to use, registering for it will let your friends and family know what you would like.


1. Swaddles & Sleep sacks:  My husband and I never could master swaddling our babies in receiving blankets.  We just never felt like we could get the blanket tight enough.  Swaddles became our best friends.  Our daughter loved to be swaddled, but our son has no interest in it.  We will put him in sleep sacks though if it’s cold so his arms are still free, but it’s like he’s in a little sleeping bag.

2. Pajamas:  Footed pajamas and baby gowns will be worn nightly, so you will want plenty of these.  Don’t register for too many of the same size though because babies outgrow them so quickly.

3. Onesies:  You could register for a few sets up plain white onesies in different sizes.  Your family and friends will most likely pick out the clothes they want to get you though so don’t be surprised if these are not purchased.

4. Hats, Mittens, & Socks:  Again, family and friends will buy what they want to when it comes to clothes items.  You will find yourself with a ton of these items and some may never get worn.  These popular little items tend to make good baby gift additions, so you end up with a lot of them. Put some of these adorable baby hats on your registry from Undercover Mama to give yourself some variety.

5. Outfits:  I put 2 cute outfits on my baby registry for my son.  One of them I bought myself to bring him home from the hospital in and the other outfit was never purchased.  We received so many adorable outfits for him and I loved them all.  Clothes are rarely purchased off of a baby registry, so don’t waste too much time adding baby clothes to your registry.

There you have it!  Lists of all of the major items you will want to add to your baby registry.

If I am missing anything or you have something you would like to add, please feel free to comment below!

Did you miss the first 3 parts?

Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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