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Baby Registry Must Haves (Part 2 of 4)

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Part 2 of our Baby Registry Must Haves List contains the items you would need for Travel and for Learning & Playing.

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1. Car Seats: We registered for both an infant car seat and 2 bases (one for each car) and 2 convertible car seats.  Our daughter outgrew the infant car seat at a year old and we put it in storage until we were pregnant with our son.  It was much easier for us to register for all of the car seats we needed and we stored them until we needed them.  Car seats typically expire after 7 years, so you need to be aware of when your car seats will expire.  Always double check with your manufacturer for these details.

2. Strollers: The stroller options are pretty endless it seems.  You can get single jogger strollers, umbrella strollers, double strollers, single/double strollers, and the list goes on.  We registered for a single jogging stroller and a high-end umbrella stroller.  The jogging stroller was the best stroller we owned, but we did use the umbrella stroller for traveling through the airport and to lend to the in-laws.  We picked out a very nice double stroller that we use now since our daughter is tiny for 3 years old and loves to sit in the stroller still.  My brother and sister-in-law registered for a single/double stroller because they knew they wanted to have their children closer together.  You may want to plan a few years out to see what type of strollers you should register for.  Make sure to register for all of the accessories needed for your stroller as well, which includes car seat adapters, trays, organizers, and mommy hooks.

3. Carriers: Are you interested in baby wearing?  Since I have a 45-degree Scoliosis curve, I cannot baby wear for very long.  I did a ton of research into the best baby carriers when you have a bad back, but the carrier I registered for with my daughter was still too heavy and caused back pain.  I have found light weight wraps work better for me.  Just do your research and test out different carriers if you’re able to so you can see what will work best for you.

4. Pack n Plays:  If I could give you one items you definitely should buy; it would be the Pack n Play.  We received one from our registry and I had a friend give us hers because she was done with it.  We keep one set up on the main floor of our house with the changing table attached.  The material is very easy to wipe down if baby has an explosive diaper or spits up on it.  You can set the mattress at one of two levels for naps or just to play in while you get things done around the house.  They pack up very easily for travel and you will still have plenty of room in your car.

5. Car Mirror:  Since children have to be rear-facing until they are 2-years-old in the US, car mirror’s make it easier to keep an eye on your child while you are driving.  It allows you to look in your rear-view mirror to see your baby.  This is especially helpful if we have a longer drive and we don’t want to have to worry about the baby the whole time.

Learn & Play!

1. Swings & Bouncers:  You will want to give your baby different places to lay throughout the day.  Registering for a swing and/or a bouncer will give them a safe place to lay so you can have your hands free.

2. Jumper: Both of our children enjoyed jumping in their jumpers because it allowed them time to move and strength their muscles on their own.  It also gives me another place to put my busy son to keep him occupied.

3. Activity Gym:  These are great for tummy time, which you will want to do often.  It gives your baby a safe and clean place to lay down and you can hang toys above their head to distract them.

4. Books:  For our baby registry, we asked for books in leu of a card.  We actually did not register for any books and we loved the assortment we received from friends and family.  If you have books you definitely want to receive, I would recommend adding them. Stop on over to to look at their large collection of books.

Did I miss any items you registered for?

Please feel free to comment below!

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