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Baby Registry Must Haves (Part 3 of 4)

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Next up on our Baby Registry Must Haves List is items for Feeding and for Health & Safety.

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Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you have not read them yet.

You can also move ahead to Part 4 to finish out the series.


1. Bottles: Even as a breastfeeding mother, I still need bottles for while I am at work.  The tricky part about registering for bottles is you just don’t know what type of bottle your baby will take.  The bottles my daughter took, my son is refusing to take.  Three styles of bottles later and he still will not take a bottle.  Register for one package of a few different styles and hopefully one will stick.  You can always buy more later.

2. Bottle Warmer:  I love my bottle warmer.  Many people will tell you not to bother, but it is the fastest and safest way to warm up frozen breastmilk.  Breastfed babies are used to instant gratification.  They do not have to wait for a bottle to be made every time they want to eat.  A bottle warmer will speed up the process.  Still always test the milk before giving it to baby though just to be safe.

3. Burp Cloths:  My sister-in-law's mother made me stacks of burp cloths for both of my children.  You will need a lot of them.  I always have a clean burp cloth within arm’s reach.  Thicker burp cloths will last longer, but a lot of people like to use reusable diapers as burp cloths.  I personally am not fond of the reusable diapers as burp cloths; however, you may love them.  Either way, you will need as many as you can get.

4. Nursing Pillows: I will give you two of the best nursing pillows I have ever used and I own both pillows.  My Brest Friend is the best pillow to use for a newborn baby.  This pillow snaps around your waist and is stiff to hold your baby still.  Since newborns cannot hold up their heads yet, you will need to make sure the baby is laying down align with your body so they can get a good latch.  The Boppy Pillow is great for older nursing babies who is able to support their head.  This pillow is a C-shape and hugs your body.  You can also use the Boppy for tummy time, supportive sitting, and laying down on their backs.  The pillow will give you guides on when and how to use the pillow for these milestones.

5. Nursing Covers:  There are many different styles and fabrics of nursing covers to choose from.  The scarf style can be worn even when you’re not nursing which makes it convenient.  There are also covers with plastic inserts that hold the cover away from your baby’s head.

6. Breast Pump:  So, I actually don’t recommend putting Breast Pumps on your Baby registry if you have health insurance that covers your Breast Pump.  In the US, most health insurance companies will pay for your Breast Pump.  I highly recommend looking into what your insurance company covers.  I was able to get brand new breast pumps for both of my children and they were both fully covered by my insurance company.

7. High Chairs & Booster SeatsThe Bumbo, which you can follow this link and purchase on Amazon, is the best Booster seat and you may not even need to register for a high chair if you don’t want to.  The Bumbo can be placed on the floor and has a tray that you snap on.  There are also straps to attach the Bumbo to a regular chair.  There is an infant insert which can be removed so your child can use the Bumbo longer.

8. Pacifiers:  Both of our children have loved their “mimi” so we always make sure we have them on hand.  Make sure to register for different styles though because some children like certain shapes.

9. Bibs:  Once your child starts to drool, you could start putting bibs on them.  They are great for keeping your baby’s clothes clean from food, spit up, and drool.

Health & Safety!

1. Baby Monitors:  I definitely recommend registering for a baby monitor.  You can go with a high-tech monitor with a screen to see your baby, microphone to hear and talk to your baby, temperature control, and many other features, or you can go with a walkie talkie style monitor that allows you to hear your baby.

2. Thermometer:  Taking a squirmy baby’s temperature can be difficult, especially if they are not feeling well.  We found that the forehead thermometer, like this one on Amazon, works best for us, but we also own oral, armpit, and rectal thermometers.

3. Nose Frida:  I used the name of the item here because this is one of the best inventions for babies.  The bulb syringe can be tough to use and I can’t imagine how disgusting it is inside of those.  We have used Nose Fridas for both of our kids and they are so helpful.  The design makes them easy to clean and change out the filters and you can quickly clean out your baby’s nose when they need it. You can find the Nose Frida here on Amazon.

4. Baby Gates:  Your baby will be mobile before you know it so baby gates become very important.  Certain styles of baby gates are best for certain areas of your house.  The baby gate at the top of our stairs is screwed right into a stud, but the gate between our living room and kitchen is just a spring-loaded gate.  Make sure to do your research before registering.

5. Outlet Covers:  We registered for a few boxes of outlet covers and received more than we needed.  I’m glad we did though because you can never have too many of them. Pick up a box Here on Amazon.

6. Nail Clipper Set:  Most mother’s will agree when I say that cutting your baby’s finger nails is scary.  If you have ever cut the skin on their little tiny fingers, you would want to cry.  Baby nail clipper sets have special safety nail clippers that reduce the risk of cutting your baby’s skin.  They also come with tiny nail files and other items you may need on the go.

7. Humidifier:  Our house can get very dry, especially in the winter when the heat is turned on.  We have humidifiers in each bed room in the house.  We do find that we only use distilled water in them and we replace them every year.

These were some of the items I thought were necessary while raising our children.

Do you have any Feeding Items or Health and Safety Items I missed?

Comment below!

Missed Part 1 and Part 2, head on over to check them out.

Continue to Part 4 to finish out the series!

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