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Baby Grogu Birthday Party Ideas

Grogu is adorable and was popular when the show The Mandalorian came out.

Many people refer to him as Baby Yoda, The Child, or Baby Grogu, and he belongs to the same species as Grand Master Yoda.

There are many different cute ideas you can use for a Baby Grogu themed birthday party. You could use Star Wars decorations, The Mandalorian helmets and decorations, Yoda decorations, Baby Yoda party decorations, or make your own.

I decided to go with a Baby Grogu birthday for my son’s first birthday themed party.

Many reasons you could go with a Baby Grogu party is because your child likes Stars Wars, you are all Star Wars fans, or maybe your child was born on May the 4th.

May 4th is Star Wars Day before it is “May the 4th Be with You Day, otherwise known as “May the Force Be With You.”

This would be perfect if you have your child’s birthday on May 4th too!

There are so many fun things to do for food, decorations, games, favors, and more!

Check out all the awesome ideas and different ways to plan for your child’s next Baby Grogu birthday party!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

Party Food:

I always label my food at parties, so guests know what they are eating. I would hate for a guest to grab something they don’t like because it was not labeled. I made Printable Baby Grogu Food Labels so everyone knew what they were eating.

1. Subs

To keep everyone from handling each other’s food, we opted for individually wrapped subs. We were able to get turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, and salami and cheese. If you are looking to put the options out on the table, you could do a cold cut platter with different meats and cheeses to choose from. I like to have Turkey, ham, salami, American cheese, provolone cheese, and Swiss cheese. These would go great on sub rolls or Kaiser rolls.

2. Sandwich Toppings

Preferences for sandwich toppings can vary so I tried to have a variety. For dressings, I had mayonnaise and mustard packets. The sandwich toppings I had included, lettuce, onions, and pickles that were all in separate containers.

3. Grogu Grub (Sheet Pizza)

Pizza is always a great option for parties because it’s quick and inexpensive. Guests can just grab a slice and go. There are many pizza options to choose from, but I recommend sticking with the basics for parties. We typically go with cheese, pepperoni, and garlic. A few sheet pizzas can go a long way at a party.

4. Bow-Ba Fett Pasta Salad

I made a simple kid-friendly pasta salad my children love. They request it often and my daughter even requested it for her brother’s birthday party. For this pasta salad, I included bow tie pasta, ham, Colby Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, apples, cherry tomatoes, and Italian dressing. It had a wide variety of food for your children and tastes delicious.

5. Death Star Macaroni Salad

My mom offers to make a macaroni salad for every party I have. She makes hers with mayonnaise instead of oil and vinegar. It was a different taste to include in the foods and everyone loves it.

6. The Power of One Fruit Salad

I tend to make a huge fruit salad for every party. The very first party I had; the entire giant bowl was empty by the end of the party. Since it was such a big hit, I decided to make it for every party since. My fruit salad can change slightly, but for this fruit salad I wanted to add my children’s favorites. The fruits I used were strawberries, pineapple, green seedless grapes, blueberries, and raspberries. Another red option is watermelon or cherries. You could add oranges or cut up cantaloupe. I also put a fruit dip in the middle of the fruit.

7. Vader Veggie Tray

I love adding a veggie tray for those that prefer healthy options to pick at. You could put it out in a sorted platter or mix them together. My veggie trays typically consist of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, black olives, carrots, peppers, and a veggie dip in the middle.

8. Skywalker Cheese and Crackers

Adding an assortment of pick foods gives your guests plenty of options to choose from. Cheese and crackers is one of my favorites at kids parties because most kids love cheese. I like to cut up Colby Jack cheese and Sharp Cheddar cheese. You could add any crackers to pair with cheese, but some popular options are Ritz crackers, saltine crackers, butter crackers, and Wheat Thins. You could go with other options if you prefer.

9. Thermal Detonators (Black Olives)

If you’re looking for some more ideas of foods to set out to snack on, black olives are a great option. My family has always set out black olives and sometimes green olives for parties. Guests can eat them as an appetizer while they wait for the main course to come out.

10. Yoda Soda

I was looking for a drink that could be enjoyed by children and adults. I went with Shirley Temples. This non-alcoholic drink can be enjoyed by all and is not too sweet. I made it with Lemon Lime Soda, Grenadine, and Maraschino cherries. It was a hit with all!

Another option I went with that looks green is a punch consisting of Green Berry Hawaiian Punch and Lemon Lime Soda. It’s very sweet and the kids love it!

You could even set out bottles of soda for everyone to choose from as well.

11. Water Bottles

The easiest drink option is bottles of water. Each person can grab one and carry it around with them. I recommend having a marker and masking tape near the drinks so guests can label their bottles and cups with their name. You could also pick up a few cases of the little water bottles since many people don't finish a full-size water bottle.

12. Cookies

My son loves cookies so I thought I would make some for his birthday. Instead of buying fancy cookies, I opted to make some homemade cookies instead. We decided to go with Funfetti Cookies and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. We put 2 of each type of cookie in baggies to hand out to everyone at the end of the party with their goody bag. You could add royal icing, regular icing, or edible icing paper to the top of the cookies to add an extra added touch for better results.

13. Baby Grogu Cake

You can purchase a cake or make it yourself. I made my Baby Grogu cake out of marble cake and white and chocolate buttercream frosting. The cake looked great and tasted even better.

I started by baking the cakes. I used a square pan and baked 2 cakes. I set them aside in the refrigerator, so the cake was less crumbly.

While the cakes were cooking, I started to mix the frosting. I added Green Gel Food Coloring to the white buttercream frosting to make it green. I don’t recommend using liquid food coloring because it will make your frosting runny and hard to work with. You can get Gel Food Coloring Here from Amazon.

Once the cake is cold and less crumbly, move them to a large cutting board. You should use a large bread knife and start shaping Baby Grogu. I found a picture of Baby Grogu online that I printed out and placed over the cake as a template. I didn’t want to waste any cake so I printed it out, so it was slightly smaller than my cake dimensions when put together.

Use frosting to glue pieces together when necessary. Then place the cake in the refrigerator again to firm up.

Once the cake was staying together, I took it out if the fridge to start decorating. I used a piping bag for the green frosting and another piping bag for the chocolate frosting. Using a piping bag help the cake stay together. If you wipe a knife across the cake, it could pull the apart.

The green frosting was for Baby Grogu’s head and hands, and the chocolate frosting was for his body.

If you’re looking for piping bags, you can grab some Reusable or Disposable Piping Bags Here!

I placed 2 chocolate covered Oreos on top for the eyes, but any oval brown cookies could work. You could also use chocolate frosting or brown fondant.

I made my cake the night before so I wouldn’t have to stress about it the day of the party. It looks so great sitting on the dessert table.

14. Baby Grogu Smash Cake

I went very simple for my son’s smash cake. I didn’t want him covered in food dye so I used vanilla cake with white buttercream frosting.

I baked 2 cake rounds and set them in the refrigerator to cool. Once cool, I used frosting to attach the 2 cake layers together. I placed frosting on the top if one cake round and set the other cake round on top on a cake display round. Then I placed the cakes in the refrigerator again.

Once the cake was cold and firm, I pulled it out of the refrigerator. I used a star piping bag tip and make the cake look cloudy. I placed a Baby Grogu figure on top to keep with the theme.

I wanted to make my smash cake simple and not too huge cause my son would be eating it on his own. It turned out great!

Party Decorations:

Head on over to your local party store, like Amazon or Party City to get some great Mandalorian party supplies.

1. Monthly Picture Banner

Since my son was turning 1, I wanted to hang a banner with his monthly milestones. Each month I took a picture of him on his milestone blanket. I would write on the picture his size, likes, and dislikes. I printed out the pictures, strung them together with a long piece of ribbon, and I hung it up on a tent. I saved this banner so I could look on it as he gets older.

2. Plates/Napkins/Cups

One of my favorite additions to birthday parties is the themed plates, napkins, and cups. I like to purchase 1 set of themed and mix in some plain as well.

3. Balloons

I found the cutest Baby Grogu balloon for the party for my son to enjoy. There was a large Baby Grogu mylar balloon that I attached to his lawn chair, some small latex balloons in gold and white, and a large blue number 2 mylar balloon.

4. Tablecloths

My children have a tiny wooden picnic table we were gifted a few years back. It’s been the best way to have children at our house because they can sit at their picnic table comfortably. I put a Baby Grogu tablecloth on his table so the kids could enjoy Baby Grogu while they ate. I bought some plain tablecloths for the rest of the tables.

You can get some great themed Baby Grogu Tablecloths off Amazon Here!

5. Wall Decorations or Paper Lanterns

I wanted some more cute decorations to hang for my son’s birthday, so I got him a Mandalorian Birthday Banner that said Happy Birthday and some cute Baby Grogu hanging wall decorations. You can hang these off the side of the tents.

6. Tents

If you are having an outside party, it is important to put up tents. Guests will want the options to get out of the sun if it’s a hot day.

7. Tables

Prepare ahead of time for how many tables you will need. Make sure to include the amount of food to put out, how many people will be sitting to eat, and where guests will set out presents. I set the favors in the middle of the tables where people were eating, but you could have a separate table for favors as well.

8. Chairs

It is important to have enough chairs for the number of guests invited. You do not want guests standing around holding their plates in their hands to eat or sitting on a table because their feet hurt. I have asked my parents and in-laws to bring chairs to give us more. There are also rental companies to get tents, tables, and chairs as well.

Party Activities:

1. Bouncy Slide/Bouncy House

One of my favorite party activities is renting a bouncy slide or bouncy house or buying your own. If you plan on having a lot of party guests, a bouncy play area is popular. Kids will get so much energy out bouncing and you can sit back and watch.

If you're looking to purchase our own bouncy house, Amazon has many Bouncy Houses on sale to choose from!

2. Piñata

You can get the most adorable piñatas or make them yourself! The piñata we purchased was a cute Baby Grogu piñata. If you know how to make piñatas, you could make it ahead of time yourself.

3. Swing set / Playhouse

We have a swing set and a playhouse in our backyard that was next to the bouncy house. We set everything up into a play area for the kids. They loved being able to play in one safe area of the yard together.

Party Favors:

1. Inflatable Light Sabers

I absolutely loved these inflatable lightsabers to give out as favors to the kids. They would easily blow up with your mouth and wouldn’t hurt if the kids were hitting things with them. I handed them out deflated so parents could blow them up when they were ready. If you are not interested in inflatable light sabers, you could go with glow sticks as light sabers instead.

2. Baby Grogu Reusable Cups

I found the most adorable Baby Grogu plastic cups that worked perfect to put the lightsabers in. You could put the cups into little themed David bags on the way out the door or let the kids use them during the party. Just have them label the cups with masking tape and a marker so the kids could tell the cups apart.

3. Stickers

Kids love stickers so I bought some cute Baby Grogu themed stickers to place inside each cup. I figured stickers would be less junk to accumulate in everyone’s homes.

Throwing a Baby Grogu party for my son was a huge success. It took a lot of planning and party prep, but I was able to hit it off.

I wanted to give my son a fun party that everyone could enjoy while celebrating the birthday boy.

Are you planning a Baby Grogu birthday party for your child?

What are some items you are using for your child’s birthday party?

Tell us about your Baby Grogu birthday party in the comments below!

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