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8 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

While I was pregnant with my babies, I formed a bond with them. They knew my smell, my voice, and my touch. The minute they were born, they snuggled with me and wouldn’t leave my side. Still to this day, my babies are attached to me.

It’s much different for dads.

Dads don’t get 9 months to connect with their baby. They don’t feel them moving daily or get to talk to them around the clock.

I felt like I knew my babies my whole pregnancies, although not all moms will feel this way.

After my daughter was born, my husband held her and met her for the first time. It was the first moment he got to connect with her. She tried looking for him as soon as she heard his voice. We knew she recognized him. I feel like this really helped him connect with her.

Not many dads know how to connect with their babies. Here are 8 ways for Dad to bond with Baby after they’re born.

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1. Skin-to-Skin

The best way for dad to bond with their baby right after birth is to take their shirt off and do skin-to-skin. Babies love to listen to mom’s heartbeat so hearing dad’s heartbeat can be soothing as well. Dad should give mom her chance to do skin-to-skin first and then do it when mom needs a break to eat or sleep or just get some rest.

2. Change Diapers

I exclusively breastfed both of my children so my husband could not take over nighttime feedings. The easiest task for him to take over was nighttime diaper changes.

I’m the middle of the night when my babies would cry to eat, my husband would get up to change their diapers before handing them off to me to eat. It gave him a chance to talk to them and spend with with them. The best part about changing diapers is that baby is looking right at you. He enjoyed it!

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3. Baby wearing

Baby wearing can have a lot of benefits and it seems everyone assumes only mom will baby wear. With my severe Scoliosis, I was unable to baby wear my children for long periods of time. It was difficult for me, but it gave my husband the opportunity to wear them. There were a few times he wore them for walks around the neighborhood.

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4. Read Bedtime Stories

From the day my babies came home from the hospital, my husband started reading them bedtime stories. Since he talked to my stomach and they recognized his voice, they would just stare at him.

As they get older, my husband is required to read their bedtime stories still and they’re sad if he can’t. Their nightly routine has become such an important part of their life and I don’t think that is changing anytime soon. It has been a wonderful way for my children to bond with their dad.

Looking for bedtime stories to read, check out my Top 10 Favorite Bedtime Stories post to see how to find some of the most popular stories.

5. Give a Bottle

If you are formula feeding or pumping, you can give your husband the opportunity to feed your baby. When both of my children tried bottles for the first time, my husband gave them to them. It was the perfect time to give my husband and children a chance to connect. Mom’s and babies connect so much through feedings so giving dad the chance can help their bond as well.

6. Sing to Baby

Rocking and singing to your baby is great to help them fall asleep, but it’s also great for bonding. My husband came up with songs he liked to sing to our babies when they would cry or get fussy. My daughter still loves to ask him to sing to her and she’s almost 5. Singing is not just for moms.

7. Snuggling

I absolutely loved walking into the living room to my son and husband snuggled up watching tv together on the couch. My children have loved snuggling with their dad since the day they were born. Babies love to be held close and loved. My husband has never second-guessed it and just naturally started snuggling our babies.

8. Mom - Take a Break

This may seem heard, but it’s necessary for your physical and mental health. Dads are more than capable to take care of the baby without you. They may not always do everything exactly the way you would, but they will find their rhythm and have a good time.

I take dance classes for myself, and I take my daughter to her dance classes too, so it gives my husband and son a chance to bond. In the beginning they would snuggle on the couch, but my son is finding interests as he gets older, and it’s been great for my husband to be part of that.

If you are not ready to leave the house, you could take a long bath or go take a nap. Give your husband a chance to take care of the baby alone. The perfect way for them to bond is without mom around.

There are so many ways for dads to bond with their babies and secure that bond for life.

My husband is one of the best dads and our children are so attached to him. Becoming a father was natural for him and I’ve never had to worry about anyone when I leave the house.

Give your husband a chance to bond with your baby and you won’t regret it.

What are some ways your spouse bonded with your baby?

Let us know in the comment!

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