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Must Have Essentials for After Giving Birth

Updated: Jan 18

When you are making the list of what to buy for your new baby, no one ever tells you the items you need after you give birth.  It seems like such a taboo topic and leaves many moms feeling unprepared when they get home.  This results in many extra store runs.

Before I gave birth to my son, my second baby, I made sure to order all of my postpartum items so I was prepared when I got home.

I have made a list of all the items mom needs to get through those uncomfortable weeks after childbirth.

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1. Nursing Bras

This one you may have already been aware of.  If you are going to be breastfeeding, you will need a good collection of nursing bras to make it easier to nurse your baby.  These bras are also great to wear when you are in your last trimester of pregnancy because your regular bras may not fit you anymore.  I own two types of nursing bras; regular nursing bras with underwire and sports style nursing bras, which can be found on Amazon.

2. Breast Pads

Another essential item for breastfeeding mothers.  There are reusable and disposable options out there, so purchase what is best for you.  These will keep your clothes dry all day and night.

3. Mesh Undies

Many people will tell you not to bother purchasing these because the hospital will supply you with a few pairs to take home.  I found these much more comfortable than regular underwear for the first view days at home since they do not dig into your stomach.

4. Nipple Cream

If you are breastfeeding, nipple cream will help your breasts from cracking and bleeding.  Overtime, your skin will toughen up and you may not need to use it anymore.

5. Tucks Pads

Hemorrhoids can happen, it is the unfortunate truth.  You should have a box of these at home just in case.  You may not need them though.  This is only a suggestion and is not medical advice.  If you have a medical issue, make sure to speak to your doctor.

6. Maxi Pads

This is one of the obvious ones.  You will need them for a few weeks so make sure to stock up.

7. Nursing Tanks

I really love to wear my nursing tanks around the house even months after my son was born.  My children were both May babies so having lightweight nursing tanks to wear made nursing easier. Throw on one of these nursing tanks from Undercover Mama to wear around the house and you will not be struggling to nurse with complicated shirts.

8. Loose Pants

You will want a comfortable pair of pants to wear home from the hospital or just lounging around the house.  You could have stitches and you will have a tender stomach, so jeans and tight pants will not be ideal.  I found the maternity pants too baggy after giving birth, but my regular pants were still too tight. Some women opt for dresses instead, which is a great option as well. Undercover Mama has some nursing dresses to make life easier for the nursing mom.

9. Nipple Shields

You may not need these, but they are nice to have to prevent pain and cracking if you are a first time mom.  Just remember not to rely on them for every feeding because your baby could become dependent on them and refuse to latch on to you without them.  If you are having issues with your baby nursing, make sure to speak to your doctor or a lactation consultant.

10. Nursing Pillow

These are the best invention.  Nursing pillows allow you to relax and focus on your baby instead of trying to hold up their head with your arm.  I own 2 different types; My Brest Friend for the newborn stage and Boppy as they get older.  Both of these pillows can be found on Amazon. Nursing pillows can also be used to bottle feed, prop your baby up on the floor, and tummy time.  Just make sure to always watch your baby if you use these pillows to prop them up because they can fall off.

11. Nursing Pillow Covers

Babies tend to spit up, pee, and poop all over everything.  You will definitely need extra covers for when this happens.  Pro tip: lay a receiving blanket on the nursing pillow so if your baby spits up, you can grab another receiving blanket without having to completely change your pillow cover.

There are many other items you may find essential to have at home after you give birth.  This list is just a few of the items I found helpful to have around so I wouldn’t have to send my husband to the store.

What are some of the items you found essential to have after giving birth?

Feel free to share in the comments!

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