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Personalized Etched Glass Christmas Mugs

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

For Christmas gifts in 2020, I made my family Personalized Glass Mugs filled with Hot Chocolate Bombs. They were great gifts to end out the 2020 year.

I was able to etch a quote on the side of the mugs using temporary vinyl and my Cricut Maker.

My mug says "Don't Cry Over Spilled Hot Cocoa. It's 2020." The zeros in 2020 are toilet paper rolls and there is a little marshmallow wearing a face mask on the side. I thought it was very fitting after the year we had.

These custom coffee mugs are a great way to show your family and friends how much you care.

The chocolate bombs I made using melted chocolate and hot chocolate packets.

A personalized coffee mug or personalized glass mug are the perfect gift for your family and friends.

The high quality frosted look really stands out in front of the drink you put in the glass.

Personalized etched Christmas mugs are a great easy gift that are inexpensive and fun to make.

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For your Glass Mugs:

Supplies you will need:

- Glass Mugs: You can find these 16oz Glass Jumbo Mugs With Handle on Amazon that work perfect because of their size.

- Cricut: Any model will work for this project. You can find many different designs on Amazon, including the Cricut Maker, which is the Cricut I used for this project.

- Cricut Tools: You will need a Fine Point Blade, Standard Grip Mat, and a Weeding Tool.

- SVG File Design: This design was created custom for me by KatieWagnerCreations. She is also the owner of ColbyCrafts, where she creates customized products for pets.

- Temporary Vinyl: There are many brands to choose from, but I prefer to go with Cricut Premium Removable Vinyl on Amazon. Make sure you go with adhesive vinyl. Do not try to just tape a piece of paper to your mug; that will not work.

- Transfer Tape: On Amazon, you can find a good Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape, which I prefer to use since it can be used more than once.

- Clear Packing Tape: You will need to tape down the corners of your vinyl and any other spots you do not want to be covered with etching cream.

- Scraper: You will need a scraper to flatten out your design, but a credit card can work just as well.

- Etching Cream: Be careful handling the etching cream and I recommend using gloves for this part. On Amazon, you can find Armour Etching Cream, which I believe is the best brand to use.

- Paint Brush or Sponge Brush: You will use this to apply the etching cream.

- Sanitizer: You will want to sanitize the mug before applying the vinyl. Any brand will work.

- Gloves: While working with etching cream, it is important to protect your skin.

- Stainless Steel Sink: You will want to rinse your etching cream in a stainless steel sink, which could include a kitchen sink or a scrub sink.

- Antibacterial Soap: A good antibacterial soap will help to remove the etching cream residue.

- Newspapers: You will need something to protect your work surface.


1. To begin the project, you will want to start with printing your design using your Cricut onto your Temporary vinyl. The Temporary vinyl is to mark on your mug where your design is going, so do not use permanent vinyl.

2. Once the design is cut, you can weed out the parts you will not need. Remember, you will want to remove the parts that you want to be on your mug in etching cream, so weed wisely. The rest of the temporary vinyl will be on the mug to protect the spots you do not want to be etched.

3. Use your transfer tape to apply the design to your mug. This can be difficult because the mug is round, so place carefully. Once the vinyl is stuck to the mug, it is hard to remove without damaging the vinyl.

4. Make sure to remove all bubbles. Grab your scraper (or credit card) and flatten out the vinyl onto the mug the best you can. Then slowly peel the transfer tape off the mug, leaving only the temporary vinyl. Any bubbles left can allow etching cream to get under the vinyl and you will etch these spots.

5. Cover any open areas with clear packing tape. This will protect the rest of your mug from the etching cream and keep the vinyl from peeling up.

6. Before you apply your etching cream, you should be on a flat service with your work area protected. I prefer to use newspapers, but anything will work. I suggest putting on a pair of disposable gloves before using your etching cream as well.

7. Apply your etching cream. You will want to stir the etching cream first and only apply a thin layer of cream using your paint brush or sponge brush. Then slowly get any bubbles out of the cream and wipe off any extra cream back into the bottle. Do not apply too much etching cream. It is unnecessary and can negatively affect your design.

8. Let the etching cream sit for no longer than 5 minutes. The longer you let the cream sit, the more the design will be etched into your mug. Do not allow the etching cream to stay on longer than 5 minutes because the etching cream can weaken your vinyl and it can eat at the glass and ruin your mug.

9. Once your 5 minutes is up, remove the etching cream with your paint brush or sponge and wipe it back into the bottle. You can reuse the etching cream and you do not want to wash it all down your drain.

10. When most of the etching cream is off, you can now rinse your mug off in the sink. Make sure to rinse the mug straight on so that the etching cream does not run under the vinyl.

11. Once the etching cream is completely gone, you can remove the vinyl and throw it away. You will not be able to use it again.

12. You will want to use a little antibacterial soap and wash the etched image in your sink. You can now scrub the design with your gloved hand under the water.

There it is! An etched glass to give away as a gift or keep for yourself. This makes the best Christmas presents.

You can make custom glass coffee mugs, glass beer mugs, beer steins, champagne flutes, pint glass, and shot glasses. The custom engraving is great for a special event or special occasion, or they make great gift ideas for best friends, family, groomsmen gifts, a wedding party, or even as a corporate gift with a company logo. The options are endless.

Have you ever etched glass?

What are some designs you have made?

Show us your designs in the comments below!

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