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How to Make DIY Cat Socks for Crazy Sock Day

One of my favorite weeks in school was when you could dress up in fun clothes or have crazy hair.

For some schools, that’s Homecoming Week and others may celebrate Dr Seuss Week.

My daughter’s school celebrates Dr Seuss Week and gives the kids fun ways to dress up to participate.

My favorite day to help her dress up for was Wacky Socks Day when the kids can wear a fun pair of socks.

This year on Wacky Socks Day, I decided to go all out.

My daughter insisted on a pink kitty and a purple kitty, of course she named them Cece and Kiki. My daughter is one of the pet lovers out there, specifically she's one of our cat lovers.

I knew I had to find a great way to make her kitty socks to show off at school.

So the only thing I had to do was gather up the supplies and get to work making her a pair of cat socks.

If you’re looking to make a pair of custom cat socks of your own, check out the steps for how I made these adorable and funny socks.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

Craft Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Plain Socks

You will want to go with plain socks as a base because you want the decorations you add to stand out. I went with off-white socks, but you could go with any solid sock color.

Make sure the socks are a few sizes above your child’s actual size because it will be hard to attach everything if you use small socks. I used a pair of my socks for my daughter and my feet are much larger than hers. The old sock should also be over the calf length socks. Anything lower than those will not give you enough space to decorate on your child's front legs.

2. Tulle

The kitty skirts were going to be 2 different colors, so I had to get 2 rolls of tulle. I went with hot pink for one kitty and purple for the other kitty. You can go with any colors you would like.

One roll of each was sufficient, but you may need more if you plan on doubling the skirt or making it much thicker.

Grab small rolls of Colorful Tulle Here off Amazon.

3. Felt

I wanted to sew the kitty ears onto the tops of the socks, so I needed a material that I could sew, but that would stay stiff and in place the whole school day.

I went with black felt instead of off-white since I liked the contrast of the two colors. You could match the felt to your socks color as well.

Felt can come in packages with multiple colors and you can grab some Felt off Amazon Here.

4. Adhesive Vinyl

The inside of the kitty ears looks great if you match it to the color of the skirts. I went with a hot pink glitter vinyl and a purple glitter vinyl.

If you are unable to go with adhesive vinyl, you could go with regular vinyl instead and glue it to the felt.

5. Thin Ribbon

I wanted to give the kitties their own collars, which doubled as a way to hold up the skirts. I went with light pink ribbon for both collars, but you could use any colors you want.

Bonus if you find thin ribbon that is also stretchy to allow the socks to be pulled on and off with ease. I was unable to, so I had to attach stretchy elastic bands as well.

6. Elastic Bands

The Elastic Bands could be used as the collar or can be hidden under pretty ribbon. The elastic bands will allow your child to pull their socks in and off without damaging the skirts.

7. Googly Eyes

What better way to give your cute kitties eyes than by using some Googly eyes. I went with stick-on Googly eyes that can just stick right on the socks. You could add a little bit of glue to help them stay on better too.

Another option is to draw eyes on the socks if you don’t want to use Googly eyes.

8. Decorative Beads

I found some adorable butterfly beads in pink and purple with the hole at the top of the butterfly. These worked great as tags to go on the collars. Adding butterfly beads is a great addition to the socks for the animal lovers in your life.

9. Needle and Thread

The entire sock will need to be assembled and stay together for the day. The best way to keep the pieces attached is to sew them on. I recommend using white or black thread to keep the thread hidden. You could also go with the exact color of the material you are sewing if you can match the colors.

I was able to sew the ears directly to the top of the socks and the collar is sewn onto the tulle and attached to the sock. I found this was the best option for a little girl who had gym class that day.

Another option is to use a sewing machine to make your custom socks. It isn't necessary though so it's okay if you do not have one.

10. Fabric Markers

A fabric marker or a fabric pen work great on clothes and will not wash off once dry. If you want to reuse the socks and wash the marker, I suggest a washable marker or highlighter instead.

11. Scissors

I find it impossible to do a craft without my crafting scissors. You will need them to cut your felt, vinyl, tulle, ribbon, elastic band, and thread.

12. Craft Glue or Hot Glue

You will need a stronger non-toxic glue for this craft. Glue sticks will be too weak and cannot hold up for the whole day since your child will be moving around.

How to make Crazy Kitty Socks:

1. Gather your supplies. I hate getting up while I’m working on a craft, especially with my kids, because they will lose interest if they’re not busy. I try to gather up all my supplies and have them on the table before I begin.

2. Cut out the vinyl to make the inside of your kitty ears. Duplicate so you have 4 copies, but 2 in hot pink and 2 in purple (or the 2 colors you’re going with. Use the same vinyl to cut out 2 tiny triangles for the noses.

3. Attach the vinyl to the felt and cut around the vinyl leaving a 2-centimeter gap around the outside of the vinyl so you can see the felt. Set aside.

4. Fold the first color of tulle into an accordion and measure around your child’s leg so you have enough to go around. The tulle should fan out on the end like a tutu and not be tight to the leg.

5. Cut out the elastic band so it fits around your child’s leg and can stretch so it is not too tight or loose. Cut out the ribbon that will go over the elastic band but make it slightly shorter so there will be a small gap in the back.

6. Use a needle and thread to stitch the tulle onto the ribbon and the elastic band. The order is ribbon on top, tulle in middle, and elastic band against the sock. Be sure to leave a small gap in the end so you only have elastic stitched together.

Note: The elastic band will need to have a small area that it can stretch to go over your child’s foot. If you sew the ribbon and tulle to the entire elastic band, it will not stretch.

7. Stitch your decorative bead tags onto the middle of your collars making sure the stretchy band will fall above the heel. The decorative bead will be front and center on the sock.

8. Grab your first kitten sock and 2 matching ears. Stitch your ears to opposite sides of the top band of your sock. Allow the point of the ear to go slightly above the top of the sock.

Note: Make sure the ears are on the sides of the sock. Pay attention to where the heel of the sock is. The photo below shows the stitched on ears from different angles, but they are placed in the same spots on both socks.

9. Stick on the Googly eyes and nose so they line up nice with the ears. Draw on a mouth and whiskers if you want with a fabric marker or washable marker.

10. Line up the tulle skirt you made slightly under the mouth of your kitty with the decorative bead tag in the middle and the elastic band above the heel. Tack the collar to the sock in a few places with your needle and thread to keep it secure.

Note: Do not see the entire collar onto the sock because the sock will need to be stretchy to go over your child’s foot.

There you have a step-by-step guide on how to make your custom pet socks.

You can add your own twists or ideas to make them unique.

I love how you can do any designs and colors for this fun and silly project for school.

Your child will want to wear their socks to school every day!

Did you make fun socks your child for school?

What ideas did you add to your child’s silly socks?

Comment below if you would like to share your awesome Kitty Socks!

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