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Daily Routine for Stay at Home Mom’s

Being a stay-at-home mom has completely changed my life!

When I was a full-time working mom, I used to think staying home with my kid’s all day would be easy. I thought I would be able to play with my kids every day and be a fun mom.

To tell you the truth, I think daddy is still the fun one.

My children love having me home, but it’s a job. The laundry, endless dishes, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys, preparing 100 meals, changing diapers, baths, etc. the list goes on.

I know what you’re thinking… didn’t you still do these things while you were working?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: We weren’t in the house 24/7 to create such messes, so the house did not get as dirty as fast. I was not making every single meal, changing every diaper, cleaning up an entire days’ worth of toys. But I love it!

That said, spending the day just winging it does not help me to accomplish my chores. I would not get anything done if I did not attempt to stick to some sort of schedule.

Therefore, I have created a Daily Routine.

I wanted to share my daily routine with you so I have created a Printable Daily Routine you can use. By clicking the link above, you can print the Daily Routine Template to create your own routine to display anywhere in your home.

Check out my daily routine to see how I survive the day as a Stay-at-Home Mom.

7:30am: Wake up

I like to get myself ready for the day and then get My kids ready for the day. We will eat Breakfast as well.

9:00am: Drive to School

On school days, I will take my daughter to School around this time.

When my daughter does not have school, this allows us to take our time getting ready in the morning.

9:30am: Exercise

I like to get in some sort of fitness, whether it’s a walk or a workout video.

10:00am: Read/Learning

My daughter is almost 5 and loves to learn. If she is home from school, we will do a science experiment or some sort of activity.

My son is almost 2 and wants to be just like his big sister. He’s learning so fast and I love to play games with him that are educational. He also loves to read stories, so I spend time reading to him.

10:30am: Playtime!

This is typically a spillover from learning time, and they will just start playing on their own. My kids play very well together, and I love seeing them bond.

11:30am: Pick up from school/TV Time

On school days, we will pick my daughter up from school.

If she’s not at school, this is when I will let them have TV Time so I can clean up a bit.

12:00pm: Lunchtime

If you’re looking for lunch ideas, check out my Well-Balanced & Kid-Approved School Lunch Ideas.

12:30pm: Lunch Clean Up

My children are typically still eating by this point so I will start washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.

1:00pm: Quiet Time/Nap Time

Eating will usually make my children tired, and my daughter is extra sleepy if she had school. I like to do an hour of Quiet Time/Nap Time.

My daughter does not nap anymore so she will typically play on her the tablet. My son will nap at this point in the day.

This allows me to get more chores done, which could be switching the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, or any other task that needs to be done.

2:00pm: Back to Playtime!

We love to build block towers, play in our tent, build a fort, play with pretend food, or use our imagination.

3:30pm: Start Dinner Prep!

I may not start cooking at this point, but I like to start preparing what I’m going to make. It really depends on what we’re planning for the day.

I also love crock pot meals, which gives me time to finish up more chores or give my children more of my attention.

5:00pm: Dinner

I love to have our family sit down together for meals. This does not always work out if my daughter has an activity to go to or my husband works overtime.

Sometimes dinner time moves slightly, or we do not eat together. We just must be flexible during this time of day.

5:30pm: Dishes & Prep for Next Day

After dinner, my husband and I will get the dishes done and prep meals and bags for the next day.

My husband brings lunch to work with him so we will get his lunch ready and if my daughter is snack leader, we will pack her snacks for school. I will wash all containers and water bottles to be refilled and used the next day.

This is also when I like to check my daughter’s schedule to see what she has going on the next day. I will get her backpack ready at this time as well.

This starts my children’s nightly bedtime routine. You can check out our fully detailed Bedtime Routine for Young Children Here!

6:30pm: Bath time

I love bath time because it relaxes my children and gets their bodies ready to go to sleep. They can use their tablets while their sibling is taking a bath if they would like. It allows them to stay calm and settle in for the night.

7:30pm: Get Ready for Bed

Getting ready for bed is putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, picking up their toys, and picking out their clothes for the next day. We like to go to bed fully ready for the next day so we can sleep peacefully.

8:00pm: Kids Bedtime

My husband and I try to stay very consistent with bedtime. By keeping their bedtime at the same night every night, it gets their bodies adjusted to the times and helps them sleep through the night.

My son still wakes up occasionally in the middle of the night, but I can usually get him back to sleep quickly.

8:30pm: Work on Blog

This is usually the best time I must work on my blog and write the articles you read. I may or may not be writing this article at night after getting my children to sleep.

I like to focus on my children and my house during the day, so nighttime is the best time to work for me.

9:30pm: Yoga

While pregnant with my daughter, I started taking prenatal yoga. I have been a dancer my whole life so adding yoga into my lifestyle while pregnant with play with my doctor. I have continued yoga after pregnancy as well.

By taking yoga at bedtime, I can put away my electronics for the night and free my mind of the outside world. This helps me to fall asleep faster and get a better night sleep.

10:00pm: Go to Bed

This is when I will try to go to bed. Sometimes there are outside sources that force me to stay up later, but I like to try to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. A good night sleep allows me to be the best mom to my children.

As you can see, having a Daily Routine as a Stay-at-Home Mom really helps me to stay organized and get all my daily chores accomplished.

Grab my Printable Daily Routine Here to fill out your template!

Some days are hectic and there’s reasons we cannot stay on our schedule, like appointments, play dates, or other activities we have going on. Once spring comes, we will try to get outside more often and I’m sure our schedule will alter again.

Just remember to try to stay flexible and make changes to your schedule as needed. Your children will get older, and their needs will change constantly.

Do you have a daily schedule you follow?

Tell me about it in the comments!

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