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Letter of the Week Preschool Homeschooling

Updated: Jan 6

This year, we have decided to homeschool our 3-year-old daughter instead of sending her to preschool.  It was a tough decision we decided to make because of our newborn son at home.

That meant I would have to come up with curriculum to do with her each day.

I was up to the challenge.

After a lot of research and many different ideas, I chose to do Letter of the Week!  

For those that don’t know what Letter of the Week is; each week is dedicated to only working with a particular letter.  I am going in alphabetical order to make it easier on myself and my daughter.

We also pick an animal or object that starts with that letter to focus on each day.

Her school days are Monday through Thursday from 10am to 12pm.  This gives us plenty of time for playing and she does not get burnt out.  Plus, it gives us ample time to play with her brother as well.  It’s a win-win for all of us.


10:00am – Videos about the Letter of the Week!  You can find many instructional videos on YouTube with songs and way to engage the children.  There are many songs my daughter loves to sing.

10:30am – Alphabet Tracing Printable Book.  We cover capital letters on Monday and Tuesday and lowercase letters on Wednesday and Thursday.

11:00am – Craft or Activity.  This largely depends on what the Word of the Day is.  For example, Bubble Day could be learning how to make rainbow bubbles in the sunlight, but Car Day could be building a car.

11:30am – Word of the Day Book.  We make sure to read a book every single day about the Word we chose for that day.

We would love to take you on our homeschooling journey to give you some ideas on what you can do at home with your preschooler to prepare them for school.

If you would like to follow along, feel free to purchase my Alphabet Tracing Printable Book that can be easily printed from home.  This book will teach your child how to follow the lines to learn how to write every letter of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase.

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