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Best Candy Alternatives for Halloween Treats

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the store shelves are lined with candy.

Every year, we buy bags of Halloween candy, including candy bars and too much sugar, to hand out to Trick or Treaters.

I end up eating a lot of the candy myself because of the leftovers in the bowl and the candy my own kids are given.

Another place my kids receive candy is at school.

My kids’ school does a Halloween party and other fun school events, which means even more sugary candy.

If you’re looking for a great option to limit the amount of candy during Halloween, you could find many candy-free fun treats to hand out.

Check out my list of the best non-candy Halloween treats to hand out this year for Halloween.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

Why Should I Go Candy-Free?

1. Peanut and Other Food Allergies

A large part of going with non-candy treats is my son’s peanut allergy.

Most candies are manufactured in facilities that process peanuts. This puts my son at risk of having an allergic reaction.

I have found peanut-free candy, but the risk is always there.

Unless you know for sure that the candy was processed in a nut-free facility, there’s really no way to know if there’s any cross-contamination.

2. Limiting Junk Food

My children are not banned from eating junk food and I’m not saying they can’t have it, but the amount of candy they get for Halloween is ridiculous.

As a child, my parents would sort the candy, throw away anything that was opened or could be tampered with, left out a few pieces, and put the rest of the candy away. My brother and I were allowed candy as a special treat, but it helped limit how much candy we were eating. Our parents also didn’t want to sit there snacking on candy all day either.

A little trick is, the less candy brought into the house, the less candy you’ll be eating.

3. Come Up with Creative Non-Candy Ideas

If you're looking to hand out Halloween treats, but you want to get creative this year, there are so many fun ideas that do not include candy.

Handing out candy can seem easy and simple, so coming up with non-candy ideas can freshen things up and give you unique treats.

Going candy-free can be fun and there are so many Halloween ideas to come up with.

What Are Some Candy-Free Treat Ideas?

1. Glow Sticks

Crack a few glow sticks and you have lights walking around outside. My kids love to play with glow sticks. They make them to wear and to hold. If you are looking to keep with the Halloween theme, you can find glow sticks with Halloween characters on them.

2. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is great way for young kids to use their imaginations to build whatever they want. My daughter uses Play-Doh at school during art time. Play-Doh can be a fun candy alternative to hand out to younger kids.

3. Slime

Slime is another great treat for kids to use their imaginations, but it is not as easy to form into shapes. You can purchase slime in different colors, so you could keep with the Halloween fun and get Halloween colors.

4. Plastic Spider Rings

These little rings are cute for kids to wear around and are a fun way to include non-food treats. You can get these plastic spider rings in bulk, so you won't break the bank. They can be a great addition to your non-candy treats.

5. Pencils

Pencils are one of the best candy alternatives because they are useful for young and older kids. If you grab Halloween themed pencils, you can stay in the Halloween spirit and still give the kids fun alternatives to candy.

6. Scrunchies

My daughter has scrunchies in all different holiday themes, so Halloween scrunchies would be so much fun for her to receive as a treat. They come in different designs and can be a great addition to Halloween parties.

7. Vampire Teeth

I have been receiving Vampire teeth for Halloween every year for as long as I remember. You can get glow in the dark teeth, different color teeth, or plain Vampire teeth. No matter which Vampire teeth you purchase, they would be a great addition to all goodie bags.

8. Halloween Stamps

If you like the idea of crafting or school supplies, Halloween stamps can be another option for you. They can be reused too if the recipient purchases new ink to go with the stamps. Throw a few different colors and designed stamps into the treat bags for your Trick or Treaters.

9. Halloween Stickers

We still have Halloween stickers from last year, but it is one of my children's favorite treats to receive. You could purchase a roll of stamps or books of Halloween stickers to give out. Stickers seem to be the new candy that is given out at schools and extra-curricular activities. My children always come home with a new sticker stuck to their shirt. I think stickers are the best treat for kids because once the stickiness wears off, you can toss the sticker in the garbage.

10. Pop Fidget Toys

Pop Fidget Toys have become very popular among kids, and they are constantly changing the designs. You could get Pop Fidget Toys of all sizes and designs, and they are perfect treats for the whole family.

11. Bubbles

Another favorite for little kids is bubbles. This summer, we learned how to make our own bubbles at home, and it is not easy, but my kids loved it. If you want to hand out bubbles, you can get small tubes of bubbles with Halloween themes on them.

12. Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars

Little cars are so much fun to push around the house when you have small kids. Most little kids have some type of car tracks in their house to play with cars on. Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars would be great to go with any car tracks and can be passed along when they're done playing with them.

13. Stretchy Skeletons

If you haven't seen the cartoon Bluey, you should go watch it. There's an episode about a Sticky Gecko and my children love this episode. We have Sticky Geckos all over our house now. To keep with the Halloween theme, you could go with stretchy skeletons or different types of little monsters.

14. Bouncy Balls

Whether the balls light up, have spikes, or bounce all over the house, bouncy balls are a ton of fun for kids. Toss a few of these in the Halloween bags for kids and they will be happy with their new treats.

15. Temporary Tattoos

Halloween temporary tattoos would be a better way to replace edible treats. Kids could sport cool Halloween themed dark tattoos for Halloween and wash it off once the festivities are over. It's the perfect treat to avoid sugar overload this Halloween.

16. Glow Bracelet

Treats that make kids glow on Halloween night are a great way to keep kids safe. They could throw a glow bracelet on when it starts to get dark and be seen by cars and other people. They are also fun to play with after Halloween is over.

17. Mini Notepads

Kids love to write notes and draw pictures during their free time. My daughter can sit and draw pictures for hours, so we purchased some notebooks for her to color in to contain her pictures for her. Mini notebooks would be a great item to give to kids and you can find them with Halloween themes on the front.

18. Dance Ribbons

Dance Ribbons have been around since I was a kid, and they are still popular with kids today. It's a long stick you hold with a long ribbon attached to the end. When you wave the stick around, the ribbon twirls around in the air. These can be purchased in bulk and would be great for goodie bags.

19. Silly Straws

My children would much rather use a silly straw in their drinks than a regular straw. You could purchase assorted colored straws or get them in Halloween colors. You can even get straws with little characters attached to them. Whichever type you choose, they are sure to be a hit among the kids.

20. Slap Bracelet

Another toy that will never get old. Slap bracelets have been around since the 1980's and is still a popular and fun toy for kids today. You straighten out the bracelet and slap someone's wrist with it. The bracelet rolls up around their wrist and can be worn without falling off. They come in a variety of colors and themes.

There are so many great alternatives to candy you can hand out on Halloween night or at school parties.

Kids of all ages would love these small toys to receive in their Halloween bags or in goody bags.

The Halloween season is not just about sugary treats, but about having lots of fun during Halloween celebrations.

So, help kids avoid a sugar rush and grab some of the perfect non-candy Halloween treats to hand out this year.

Are you going with traditional Halloween candy or healthy Halloween candy alternatives this Halloween?

What are some other alternative non-candy Halloween treats you are handing out this year?

Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Halloween!

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