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10 Best Morning Sickness Remedies

Updated: Jan 18

One of the hardest parts of pregnancy is dealing with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, otherwise known as Morning Sickness.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is an extreme version of Morning Sickness that can last the entire day in the first trimester of pregnancy.  It can also last your entire pregnancy as well, but it most commonly occurs in the first trimester.

This was by far the worst part about both of my pregnancies.  I was pulled out of work for 4 weeks with my first pregnancy, my daughter.  I tried almost every remedy that existed and found certain products worked better during a certain pregnancy.  Some of the tips that worked with my daughter, did not work with my son.

If I had a list of things to try with my daughter, I think I would have been able to function better.

I have compiled a list below of the 10 best morning sickness remedies for you to try to relieve your nausea.

Note that this post does not contain medical advice.  Please make sure to consult your doctor before trying anything during pregnancy.

1. Vitamin B6

This gem I found during my second pregnancy, and it was a life saver.  Vitamin B6 is known to improve morning sickness and help relieve any nausea you may be feeling.  This worked for me and I hope it can help you too.

2. Ginger Cookies

The ginger in the cookies seems to settle the stomach.  You should have them by your bedside and eat them before you get up in the morning.  I could eat ginger cookies during my pregnancy with my daughter, but the smell of ginger I thought was repulsive with my son.  So, don’t be discouraged if the smell of ginger bothers you.

3. Ginger Candies

If the ginger cookies are not helping, you can also try ginger candies.  Just suck on one of these little hard candies and they should settle your stomach.

4. Saltine Crackers

You can have a box of saltine crackers next to your bed to eat in the morning if you prefer that over ginger cookies.  If you eat a cracker before you lift your head off of your pillow, it can help with the nausea.

5. Sea Bands

I decided not to try sea bands, so I cannot personally say if it works.  However, I have friends who have used the sea bands during morning sickness and swear by them.  They are worth a shot to try.

6. Prego Pops

These mini lollipops work similar to ginger candies, except they look just like a little lollipop.  I had a friend give me a bag of these and I’m glad she did.

7. Lemon Water or Fruit Infused Water

A simple tip to try is to add fresh lemon to your water.  You could try any fruit you’d like to see which one works best for you.  I really struggled drinking plain water during my second pregnancy, so adding some flavor made it easier.

8. Ginger Tea

Back to the ginger tips, you could try a hot cup of ginger tea.  Just be careful not to drink too much in one day because that can be unsafe for your baby.  Make sure to look up how much is a safe amount to drink during pregnancy.

9. Mint

Chewing on mints or mint gum can help with nausea and stomach aches on all sorts of occasions, not just during morning sickness. It is possible that chewing on mints or mint gum could help settle your stomach.

10. Motion Sickness Anti-Nausea Meds

A prescription from your doctor for Anti-Nausea meds could help your nausea.  These meds can help you keep food and drinks down to prevent dehydration.

These are just a few of the remedies for morning sickness I have come across.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum can be very dangerous.  During my first pregnancy, I was hospitalized on two separate occasions for dehydration and vomiting blood.  You need to stay hydrated and consistently eat small meals.  Make sure to speak to your doctor and go to the hospital if your systems worsen.

Many people say that it means you have a healthy pregnancy and your baby is growing big and strong.

Just remember, Morning sickness will come to an end!

You got this mama!

What tips do you have for dealing with morning sickness?

Feel free to share in the comments below!

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