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Should I Have a Gender Reveal?

Updated: Jan 18

The hot topic of Gender Reveals.

Some people love them, and some people hate them.

I had gender reveals with both of my children, but it is not like you think.

I did not throw big elaborate parties or blow up my yard.

While I do not judge those that do throw big elaborate parties (you do you mama), I just chose not to because of the time of year I found out my children’s genders.

My son was born the day after my daughter’s 3rd birthday, so we opened the cute little envelopes from the doctor’s office on Christmas morning both times.

It was just my husband and I when we opened our daughter’s envelope, and we included our daughter when we opened our son’s envelope. It was exciting both times!

So, should you celebrate your child’s gender?

Back in 2016 when I was pregnant for my daughter, we decided to throw a mini party with just immediate family to celebrate her arrival. We had some snacks, a small tabletop Christmas tree with red and blue lights and we turned off the blue lights once we announced she was a girl. We told everyone not to bring gifts.

We had the party at our house the day after Christmas, which was convenient for our traveling family members because they were already in town.

My husband loves baseball, so we decided to order baseballs filled with powder that he could hit with a baseball bat. Once hit, the powder inside the bat would reveal the gender in either pink or blue. We ordered the set of balls: a pink ball, a blue ball, and a test ball.

The day of the reveal, we grabbed the pink filled ball and lead our family out into our backyard. Only my husband and I knew the gender already, so we would not show any emotions about what we were having. We were excited to be having a girl.

I was planning on pitching the weird plastic ball to my husband in the middle of winter in the cold and wind and standing in the snow. We didn’t plan it out very well, but thankfully it was not too cold and there was not a lot of snow yet.

My husband chose where he wanted to stand, against my suggestion to stand at the opposite side of the yard. I pitched the ball to him, and the wind took the ball over his head. There was no way he was hitting that ball!

Thankfully, the ball did not break open during that first swing when it hit the ground and I was able to try again.

At this point I was nervous, but I grabbed the ball from my husband and attempted to pitch to him again.

Now please note, I did tell my husband to stand in a different spot, but he liked the spot he was standing in.

He hit the ball successfully… and a nice pink powder burst in his face from the wind blowing and dyed the whites of his eyes pink!

Our family clapped and cheered and excitedly exclaimed “It’s a Girl,” while my husband tried to regain his vision.

His eyes were fine after a few seconds and the pink powder was gone from his face after a few minutes.

We had a great time revealing our daughter’s gender to our family and friends and we were able to spend time celebrating our new baby.

Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and we found out the gender of our son with our daughter on Christmas morning.

This time we wanted to include our daughter in the fun, but we did not want to throw another party.

We had asked our immediate family to save some time on Christmas morning to FaceTime with us so we could tell them all the gender of the baby once we opened the envelope.

My husband and I decided to put together a baking soda volcano.

If you have never made a baking soda volcano, they do not explode or damage anything. You simply mix baking soda and vinegar, and the chemical reaction causes the ingredients to bubble up.

We had purchased a cute clear square vase and a large glass bowl to put the vase in to conduct the experiment.

We had to do the experiment slightly backward so that the color would not be revealed ahead of time. So, we had to put the vinegar with the food coloring in the bottom of the clear vase and sprinkle the baking soda in using a funnel to cause the reaction. It was not ideal, but it worked out fine.

Our daughter excitedly stood on a stool watching the experiment unfold and kept the color secret the whole time.

We were able to reveal a blue volcano to our immediate family over FaceTime that Christmas morning without any problems.

I know gender reveals are getting a lot of hate lately, but I had great experiences with mine.

I did not blow up my yard or release balloons into the air. The powder we had inside the baseball was chalk that washed away with water.

My gender reveals were not a reason to receive presents, but a fun way to get together with those we love to celebrate the new baby coming into our lives.

I do not have any regrets having a gender reveal and I would never judge anyone that decided to have one.

So, if you are considering having a gender reveal to celebrate your new baby, go for it mama! You deserve to celebrate that new baby.

Just please, try not to blow up your yard!

Did you have a gender reveal party?

Tell us about it in the comments!

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