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Best Educational Children’s Shows

Updated: Mar 28

While children should not be stuck in front of a television or tablet all day, a bit of tv time each day will not hurt them.

There are many educational shows out there to allow your children to continue learning while watching television.

My children love to sing along to shows and learn new games from watching some of their favorite programs.

How much screen time is okay?

I tried limiting my children to a certain number of hours of screen time a day and they would get upset when I would take it away. So, I stopped limiting screen time and allowed them access to their tablets the whole day to see how it would go, and they barely picked them up all day.

My daughter used her tablet for an hour while my son napped, and my son laid on the couch and watched an episode of a show before his nap. They only seemed interested when they were tired.

I realized limiting their screen time to a specific number really made them want it more because it was forbidden.

What are some of the best shows?

There are so many educational shows out there, so it was hard to pick a few, but I chose shows I have watched with my children that I feel are teaching them something.

1. Word Party - Netflix

Word Party is a show with 4 baby animals, and now 5 since they added Tillie the turtle, who learn new words. They teach children at least 4 words each episode that all have something in common, for example careers, weather, colors, and more. Since adding Tillie, they also include how to say each word in Mandarin.

2. Bluey - Disney+

Bluey is a story about a blue dog, her little sister, Bingo, her mom Chili, and her dad, Bandit. She uses her imagination to tell stories and go on adventures and she brings her family along with her.

3. Ask the Storybots - Netflix

The cute colorful characters in Ask the Storybots like to answer questions by children by going out into the world to find the answers.

4. Doc McStuffins - Disney+

Doc McStuffins is about a young girl who uses her magical stethoscope to bring animals to life and heal their injuries. She has a playhouse in her backyard where she helps her patients. I love how this show teaches kids they can be whatever they want to be, like a doctor.

5. Blippi - Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime

Blippi started as a YouTube channel geared towards children where Blippi teaches kids and shows them different games he’s playing. He goes to different places to play including museums, parks, zoos, and more.

6. Charlie’s Colorform City - Netflix

Charlie is a colorform from the original colorform toys and he goes on adventures by changing his scenery and outfits. He has a group of friends he likes to take on his adventures.

7. Numberblocks - Netflix

Numberblocks is a great show to teach your kid counting and the different numbers. Each character in the show has its own unique skill, which helps them on their adventures.

8. Little Baby Bum - Netflix

This UK based show is educational and plays nursery rhymes each episode. It follows a young girl and her family.

9. Little Einsteins - Disney+

Little Einsteins follows a group of friends who introduce us to music, art, and more to teach kids classical works. Each episode teaches a classical song, and we learn about famous artwork.

10. Blue’s Clues - Paramount+

This classic show has been around for many years and has introduced us to many different hosts, but it still sends the same message. Children learn how to work together to solve problems and kids can relate to May of the storylines. My daughter’s favorite episode is when Magenta went to the eye doctor to get new glasses because my daughter had received new glasses not too long before she saw the episode.

11. Bubble Guppies - Paramount+

These cute little guppies from under the sea attend Preschool underwater and learn about math, science, literacy, and other subjects. There’s music and play as well.

12. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Disney+

Mickey Mouse and his pals go to his clubhouse to go on a new adventure. The playhouse can transform and move however they need it to and has many fun gadgets, including the Mousekedoer and Toodles.

I love to play with my children and watch their imaginations grow while playing with their toys and together.

I know that if they are watching one of these shows, they are still learning and going on adventures.

What shows do your children live to watch?

Comment below!

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