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Best Bath Time Essentials for Baby and Kids

Our kids just love bath time!!

Every night I am asked if it’s time for their baths yet.

It could be the awesome games we play or the fun toys they have, but it gets them excited to get in the tub.

My kids have such a great time playing in the tub, their little hands look like prunes.

If you’re struggling to get your kid into the tub, getting bath toys to play with can be a great way to get them interested.

The last thing you want to do is force them to get in the tub and create a fear of the bathtub.

Some baby bath time essentials include baby baths, hair care, body wash, washcloths and scrubbers, bath toys, and bath towels.

Check out our list of essentials for bath time for children and some of the best baby bath products.

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Types of Baby Baths

When you first start giving your baby a bath when you bring them home from the hospital, they are way too tiny for the regular bathtub. You may not be ready to submerge their body into water if they still have their umbilical cord.

There are some great bathtub options for newborns that can make it easier on the back to keep them clean.

1. Baby Bathers

The Baby Bather is a sling style bather that can be placed anywhere including inside the tub. You sit your baby into the sling and wash them while they’re sitting in it.

These types of baby barbers can only be used by new babies and are not recommended once baby is trying to sit up on their own.

2. Baby Sink Bathtub

Another option for newborns that is much easier on the back is the sink bathtub. These baby seats fit perfect in most kitchen sinks. You just fill the sink with an inch of water and set your baby down in the seat. Your baby will love being able to look around.

3. Newborn to Toddler Tub

These great baby tubs are designed like a mini bathtub and have seats for your baby to sit in depending on their age. You just plug the hole in the bottom and fill the baby bathtub with water. They use much less water than a regular tub and your child will feel more comfortable sitting in it.

Some of these tubs have a bonus sling feature and can be used as an infant tub for a newborn baby.

4. Inflatable Bathtub

If you are limited on storage space, you can get an inflatable baby tub. These bathtubs can be blown up and look like a pool float. Most can fit directly in the bath tub and can be filled with warm water using the tub faucet.

Safety and Helpful Products for Parents

You want to make bath time fun for your kids, but the most important thing is making it safe for your children.

There are so many great products to help keep your young children safe and keep you comfortable too.

1. Spout Cover

Once your children discover they can swim around the tub, you will need to protect them from hitting their head off the waterspout.

One of my favorite products is the spout cover because it is cute but keep me from stressing when my kid gets a little too close.

2. Bath Mat / Bath Kneeler

Your knees can start to hate you when you have to sit on the floor chasing your child around the tub to wash them.

A bath mat is the perfect way to save your knees and it may let your kid spend some extra time playing in the tub.

3. Water Thermometer

The best way I found to check the bath water temperature was using my wrist or my elbow, but this is not accurate.

If you are nervous about burning your baby with the bath water, you could get a water thermometer to check the temperature of the water before you put them in.

Hair Care for Kids

Kids have different types of hair just like adults. It’s best to find shampoo and conditioner that work best with their hair. There are so many hair care products on the market to choose from.

Along with shampoo and conditioner, there are also many options for lice prevention, cradle cap, detangling, styling, and more.

Check out my post Ultimate Hair Care Tips and Products for Kids to find some of the best children’s hair care lines to choose from.

Body Wash for Kids

Baby's skin is delicate when they are first born, so it is important to pick wash that is safe for them.

As a new parent, it can be difficult to choose the best wash that is safe for baby's eyes and delicate skin.

I find that bath wash for smaller babies should be made with natural ingredients and be free from harsh chemicals.

As they get older, you can add bubble bath to the tub for even more fun.

Ways to Wash Your Children

One thing I find important to giving my kids their baths is making sure the things I use to clean them is fun to use. Sometimes it encourages them to grab the washcloth to clean themselves.

Washcloths are a great option to clean your kids, but there are other fun cleaning tools to use as well.

1. Soft Washcloth

I thought I would start with washcloths are move on to other things. I always use multiple washcloths during baths. I use smaller baby washcloths for the face and large washcloths for the body.

2. Bath Loofah

If you hate washcloths, loofahs are a great option. These typically have a string to hang them up with after and you can toss them in the washing machine to keep clean. We have a few with character faces our kids love.

3. Shower Sponge

The shower sponge is basically what the name says, a sponge for the shower. These are made of a sponge material but is used to wash your skin. The soft material feels great and is safe for the skin.

Keep Water Out of Eyes

One of the struggles I have in the tub is getting my son to tip his head back so I can rinse the shampoo out of his hair. My daughter is older now and can do it herself with no problems, but I wish I had some of these products when she was younger.

Shower Protection Hat is a newer idea for kids. No more risking getting soap in your child’s eyes. You just place the hat on your child’s head like a sun visor and you are all set.

If they continue to play while you’re trying to rinse the shampoo out of their hair. The water and shampoo will run down behind the visor and avoid running in their eyes.

Toys for the Bathtub

Bath toys are a huge hit in our house. Our kids always want to throw as many toys as they can in the tub.

They have that option because there are so many fun bath toys for kids besides the basic rubber duckie.

Here are some of the best toys for bath time fun.

1. Bath Paint

Do you have artistic children who love to color? Grab a variety of colored bath paints. I squeeze different colors on the wall of the tub and the kids draw pictures and write words.

Bath paints are a liquid soap and washes off with regular soap and water. They are not recommended on porous surfaces and surfaces with grout as the colors can stain.

2. Musical Bath Toys

If you don’t mind listening to children’s songs playing on repeat in the bathtub, singing bath toys can be so much fun. My children love singing toys that swim around too.

It’s important to get all the water out at the end of the bath and set out to dry to avoid mold developing.

3. Stacking Bath Cups

One of the most simple but popular bath toys is the stacking cups. They have holes in the bottom in different designs for the water to come out.

My kids find so many different games to play with plastic cups while in the bathtub. Giving them their own cups also allows me to use my rinse cup to wash them without them stealing it from me to play with.

4. Suction Cup Bath Toys

A great option for babies is toys you can suction cup to the side of the tub. Many of these toys make waterfalls and spin to distract your baby during their bath.

These can be awesome sensory toys and are not just fun for babies. My kids enjoy sensory toys even as they get older.

5. Bath Letters

If your kid is learning their letters or how to read, you could get letters to play with in the tub. These letters stick to the side of the tub and are easy to clean. You can spell out words or practice your sounds and they won’t even realize they’re learning.

Bath Toy Organizer

Now that you have all these awesome bath toys, you need somewhere to store them.

Bath toy nets are great because they allow the toys to get air so they can dry. Many come with suction cups to attach to the side of the tub to give you easy access during bath time.

Bath toy bins are another option so you can put the toys away and store them until the next bath. Be sure to allow the toys adequate time to dry before putting them into a dark sealed off place.

Bath Towels for Kids

Our bath towel collection has increased because there are so many adorable children’s bath towels.

The best baby towels are the ones with hoods. I have purchased themed hooded towels as presents on more than one occasion.

Hop on over to Amazon to find a hooded towel for your kids with their favorite characters.

Bath Robes for Kids

For Christmas this past year, my daughter insisted on getting a bathrobe with princesses on it. It was not easy, but I was able to find the perfect robe for her that she loves to wear when she gets out of the bath.

I wear my bath robe every day because I love how soft and warm it is and my daughter loves to be like me. Buying her a special robe to wear around the house has been great for her.

There are so many materials and styles to choose from.

These great baby bath essentials are perfect for a first-time parent to help them get their baby interested in the bathtub.

Getting your newborn babies into a bath routine will set them up for great hygiene for life.

Baby's bath time can be so much fun if you have their favorite bath toy and fun options for them to choose from.

There are so many more products to add to this list of bath time essentials.

What are some essentials you use to give your children baths?

Are there any products you absolutely love and would recommend?

Let us know in the comments below!

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